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Bounce houses and inflatable slides are available for birthday parties, festivals, weddings, corporate events, school events and fundraisers. Bounce houses are suitable for both indoor or outdoor events, depending on the venue. Inflatable entertainment can be selected based on size to accommodate small groups, medium-sized gatherings or large parties of 200 or more people. Commonly rented inflatables include houses, castles, slides, waterslides, combos (house/castle and slide) and obstacle courses. Several factors affect the cost of renting a bounce house.


Size is usually one of the largest factors in the cost of a rental. The larger the bouncer, slide, combo or obstacle course, the more work it is for the staff to transport and set it up—not to mention the higher the initial cost for the company to purchase it. Here’s how dimensions affect the cost of bouncer rentals from Salta Bounce Houses of Georgia in Covington, Georgia:


  • $95 for a 10x10x13-foot bouncer

  • $125 for a 15x15x13.5-foot bouncer


  • $150 for a 14-foot wet/dry slide

  • $250 for a 20-foot wet/dry slide


  • $140 for a 24x10x13-foot combo bouncer and slide

  • $175 for a 30x13x15-foot combo bouncer and wet/dry slide

Rental duration

Inflatable rental companies generally have a set number of hours that their products are available. Additional time may be purchased on an hourly basis, as the schedule permits. For example, Lone Star Bounce in Princeton, Texas, charges a flat rate of $125 for six hours of bounce house rental and $10 for each additional hour.

Water or dry slide

Inflatable water slides may have a higher rental rate than dry slides because of the additional labor required for setup and the equipment needed to operate the inflatable as a water slide. Here’s how Lone Star Bounce handles the cost difference for the same 30x10x18-foot inflatable when rented as a dry slide versus a water slide:

  • Dry slide: $250

  • Water slide: $325


Many rental companies offer concession machines, seating, popcorn machines with kernels, cotton candy machines, spun sugar, generators to keep the rented toy inflated and more. The more items a customer rents (or purchases), the higher the overall cost. Here are some add-on rental prices from The Bouncy Store in Oswego, Illinois:

  • Folding chairs: $1.50 per chair

  • Six-foot folding table: $8

  • Snow cone machine: $45

  • Popcorn machine: $55

  • Cotton candy machine: $55

  • 2300-watt generator: $75

  • 3000-watt generator: $100


Bundling bouncer rentals, concessions or multiple inflatables into one package can lower the overall cost per item since the company is already making a trip to customer’s location. Here are some examples of packages:

  • Salta Bounce Houses of Georgia: $299.95 package, includes a 20-foot dual slide ($250), table ($8), 10 chairs ($15), popcorn machine ($55)—$29 savings

  • The Bouncy Store: $450 package, includes a double water slide ($350) and bounce castle ($130)—$30 savings

Travel fees

Inflatables are always delivered to a party or event site, so rental companies typically have a service range within which there are no additional travel fees. Beyond that area, a company may charge a per-mile or set rate to compensate for employee time and transportation expenses. The Bouncy Store has a tiered pricing system for delivery based on a party’s distance from the company’s depot, ranging from $15 to $30.

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