How much will your bounce house and party inflatables rental cost?

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Bounce House and Party Inflatables Rental Companies on Thumbtack cost$230 - $250

Average fixed price

  • Lowest price:$170
  • Most common low price:$230
  • Most common high price:$250
  • Highest price:$370
Real quotes from Bounce House and Party Inflatables Rental Companies

How much does renting an inflatable slide cost?

Inflatable slides provide interactive entertainment for children’s parties, fairs, weddings, corporate events, birthdays, school festivals and fundraisers. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor events, inflatable slides can be rented as dry slides or waterslides. These slides often feature themes such as superheros or cartoon characters, and customers have the option of renting a dual slide or combining a slide rental with a bounce house. Several factors affect the cost of an inflatable slide rental.


Typically, the larger an inflatable slide, the higher the cost. Bigger slides require more work to transport and set up. Larger slides also—for the most part—cost more for rental companies to purchase, so rental rates generally help to recoup initial investment expenses. Below are examples of how size affects the cost of rentals from Salta Bounce Houses of Georgia in Covington, Georgia:

  • 14-foot wet/dry, 22x11x14-foot slide: $150

  • 20-foot wet/dry, 33x21x20-foot slide: $250

Wet slide

Wet slides require a running water source—typically a hose with a special attachment—to keep the slide runway wet. Inflatable waterslides often have higher rental rates than dry slides because they require additional labor to set up and additional equipment to operate. Also, companies have to spend time and labor drying a wet slide after an event to prepare for safe storage. Here’s the cost difference from Lone Star Bounce for the same 30x10x18-foot inflatable when rented as a dry slide versus a waterslide:

  • Dry slide: $250

  • Waterslide: $325

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Rental duration

Rental rates can be affected by the length of time the slide is needed. Some companies rent by the hour, others rent for set blocks of time with the option to add on more hours an additional cost, and others rent by the day. Inflatable slide rental prices at The Bouncy Store in Oswego, Illinois, include all-day use from the time of drop off and set up until pick up the next day anytime after 7 a.m.

Party extras

Inflatable slides are often rented for children’s parties or other festive events. Many rental companies offer additional party items for sale or rent for the convenience of the party host, all of which will increase the overall cost for services. For example, Salta Bounce Houses of Georgia offers the following extras:

  • Folding chairs: $1 each

  • Folding table: $5

  • Generator: $44.99

  • Popcorn machine: $54.99

  • Cotton candy machine: $54.99


Renting multiple items from the same company for one event can lower the overall cost per item because the company is already making a trip to the customer’s location. This bundling is financially beneficial to both the company and the customer. For example, The Bouncy Store offers a rental package for $325 that includes its Patriot Waterslide (normally $295) and a snow-cone machine (normally $45), saving customers $10 when renting both as a package.

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Travel fees

Inflatable slide companies typically have a service area in which delivery and setup are included in the cost of rental. Additional charges may apply for locations outside the service area to help cover employee time and transportation expenses.

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