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What is the cost of a concrete patio?

By Kristy Snyder

The national average cost to install a 356-square-foot concrete patio is $2,463-$3,479, including labor and materials. That breaks down to about $6.92-$9.77 per square foot.

However, costs can vary. The national average low-end concrete patio installation cost ranges from $2,054-$2,948. The national average high-end cost is $3,608-$5,154.

Concrete patio cost.

National average cost range


Average low-end cost range


Average high-end cost range


The figures above represent the national average costs to build a 356-square-foot concrete patio ranging from 2-6 inches thick, and include labor, materials, equipment and market price fluctuations.

stamped concrete patio with furnitureYour total cost will vary depending on numerous factors, including the size of your patio, whether you choose a complex design and more. For the most accurate estimates, your best bet is always to get in touch with concrete patio contractors near you and ask for quotes.

Concrete patio cost per square foot.

National average cost range


Average low-end cost range


Average high-end cost range


The figures above represent the national average costs to build a 356-square-foot concrete patio and include labor, materials, equipment and market price fluctuations.

It costs, on average, $6.92-$9.77 per square foot to build a concrete patio. The high-end national average cost per square foot is $10.13-$14.48; the low-end national average cost is $5.77-$8.28.

Get a free estimate from a great patio addition contractor near you.

Material and labor costs to build a concrete patio.




National average cost range




Average low-end cost range




Average high-end cost range




The figures above represent the national average costs to build a 356-square-foot concrete patio and include labor, materials and equipment. Market price fluctuations are not included in these estimates.

concrete patio construction in backyard of houseThe average cost to pour a concrete patio is $701-$1,565 for materials and $1,471-$1,615 for labor. On average, equipment costs $290-$291.

Materials and labor are two of the biggest factors that impact concrete patio prices. The bigger your patio, the more you can expect to pay for labor and materials. These costs may also increase if you choose to install a stamped concrete patio or a painted concrete patio. Adding a patio cover will also bump up the cost.

Patio cover cost.

National average cost range


Average low-end cost range


Average high-end cost range


The figures above represent the national average costs to install a 150-square-foot canvas patio cover and include labor and material costs.

canvas patio cover in backyardCovering your patio is essential if you want a relaxing oasis rather than an infernal sauna come summertime. The average cost to cover a patio is between $2,443-$3,188. However, prices can vary drastically.

You have many options when it comes to patio covers. From canvases to pergolas, check out these 12 shade ideas for your backyard.

Concrete patio cost factors.

In addition to labor, materials and equipment, there are other factors that go into the cost of a concrete patio. Think carefully about these before building your patio. And don't forget to consider the cost of other patios to see if they better fit your budget.


The thicker the concrete, the more you should expect to pay for your patio. To make sure your concrete patio doesn't crack, you'll want a pour at least 4 inches thick. However, you might want to go as thick as 6 inches if you plan on installing heavy features like a hot tub, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen. Choosing 6 inches instead of the standard 4 means you'll need around 50% more concrete.

Here's a look at how national average concrete patio costs vary depending on the thickness (Note: these costs are for concrete patios that are 356 square feet in size):

  • 2 inches thick: $2,463
  • 4 inches thick: $2,785
  • 6 inches thick: $3,479

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Size and shape.

Perhaps the biggest cost factor in building a concrete patio is the size. The more square feet, the higher the cost. However, the type of design matters as well. If you choose a standard square or rectangle, it will likely be cheaper than pouring a custom design.

Type of finish.

To give your patio more customization, you may want to choose a unique finish. Broom-finished concrete is a popular finish. After pouring the concrete, the contractor simply runs a broom across the surface to create a slight texture.

Stamped concrete is another option. In this method, the contractor presses down different molds on top of the concrete to give your patio the appearance of wood, tile, bricks, and more. Because this process is more time-consuming, the stamped concrete patio cost can be high.

To achieve the look of stamped concrete without the work, go for stenciled concrete, which involves rolling out patterned paper on the concrete. Float and trowel finishes offer a flat, smooth surface for a minimalistic look.

You could even try the exposed aggregate look, which involves washing off the top layer of concrete to expose stones or shells beneath.

How to save money when installing a concrete patio.

To save money when installing a concrete patio, consider doing some of the work yourself. You'll likely need a pro to do the actual mixing and pouring, but you can prep the space by digging out the area, adding the gravel and tamping it down. This might help lower labor costs.

Also, carefully consider where you choose to install your patio. Locations that are already level will require less prep work. If you're able to place the patio next to a mature tree, you may even be able to avoid adding a patio cover since the tree should provide plenty of shade.

Finally, consider the time of year you install your patio. Landscaping prices tend to surge in the spring and summer as everyone prepares for outdoor living. Consider installing your patio in the fall instead, when there is usually less demand.

Compare prices from patio addition contractors near you.

Is a concrete patio worth it?

For many homeowners, a concrete patio is worth the cost, time and effort. It gives them a beautiful outdoor living space for entertaining and relaxing. A concrete patio can easily hold a lot of weight without buckling and will last 15-25 years with proper maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, make sure you factor in the cost of caring for your concrete patio. You'll need to pressure wash your patio when it gets dirty and reseal it every 2-3 years. You could DIY these tasks or hire professionals to take care of them.

You should also factor in the cost of patio repairs. For example, cracks in the concrete are inevitable. To prevent them from spreading, you'll need to be on top of patching.

Cracks can be worse if you live in an area that sees frequent temperature changes. While patches can stop the damage from spreading, they're noticeable and may detract from your aesthetic.

If you don't think a concrete patio is right for you, there are other ways to outfit your backyard into an oasis. Check out our best landscaping ideas for more inspiration.

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Installing a concrete patio takes a lot of finesse, labor and special equipment. Unless you're a DIY champion, it's best to hire concrete patio contractors for this type of project.

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What is cheaper: a wood deck or a concrete patio?

In most cases, a concrete patio is more affordable than a wooden deck. However, a wooden deck can be more durable over time, making it a better long-term investment. Learn more about the cost of building a deck.

Does a concrete patio need rebar?

Rebar greatly increases the strength and durability of a concrete patio, so experts recommend using it when installing a concrete patio. It can help to reduce cracks and keep the patio level.

Is it cheaper to pour a concrete patio or use pavers?

Poured concrete is generally cheaper than concrete pavers. Concrete paver blocks can be around $30 per square foot, whereas high-end poured concrete is less than $15 per square foot. However, pavers are far more durable over time.

Chat with your contractor to find out if pouring a concrete patio or using pavers fits within your budget.

Do I need gravel under concrete?

Yes, you need gravel under a concrete patio. A layer of gravel helps prevent the concrete from shifting and cracking due to pooling water and soil erosion.

How thick should a concrete patio be poured?

You'll want your patio to be at least 4 inches thick. There should also be at least 4 inches of gravel underneath the poured concrete for a solid base.

*The project cost estimates provided in this article were provided by Xactware’s pricing data (unless otherwise noted). For more information, visit Xactware’s pricing methodology page.

How do we know these prices?

Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, conduct our own research and then we share those prices with you. The prices reflected in the article above are for informational purposes only and are subject to change at any time. Contact a professional near you to receive a personalized cost estimate for your project.


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