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Create a beautiful custom patio for a residential or commercial property with the help of a concrete installation specialist. Contractors can remove and replace existing concrete patios or install completely new patios. Most pros can help create a patio of any size and with a variety of details, including steps, curves and custom designs. Concrete specialists create a patio using smooth concrete or interlocking concrete pavers to replace an old or cracked patio or to simply upgrade an outdoor living space.

Contractors typically mix concrete on-site and pour it into the desired patio shape. When water is blended with the concrete mix (portland cement and additions such as gravel, sand or rock) it takes on a pourable texture which, while malleable when wet, dries quickly and hardens forever into shape. Concrete pavers, on the other hand, are prefabricated, and contractors assemble them on-site. Concrete is popular for its easy maintenance, durable properties and design flexibility. Several factors affect the cost of installing a concrete patio.


The accessibility to the new patio site plays a key role in cost, says Chris Levins of CLC Contractors in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. The easier the access to the location, the more efficient the concrete installation crew can be because they can easily use their equipment. Using machinery is much more affordable than working by hand, Levins says. For example, if installation specialists don’t have an open space wider than 8 feet, they won’t be able to drive a cement truck directly to the site. When the site is inaccessible, overall costs increase because it requires more labor.

CLC Contractors has built concrete patios for row houses with no backyard access, and the crew has had to carry buckets of wet cement through the house. If the only access is a 3-foot gate, workers have to bring the cement in by wheelbarrows. If the site has a gate that opens to 7 or 8 feet across, they can bring in the cement using a mixing machine, and if the access point is greater than 8 feet, they can drive a cement-mixing truck in. Using the truck requires the least amount of labor and is the most affordable for the customer. Here are some pricing examples:

  • Poured concrete: $9–$20 per square foot, depending on accessibility

  • Interlocking concrete pavers: $15–$30 per square foot, depending on accessibility

  • Hosed-in concrete (piped from a truck when the site is inaccessible): $25 per square foot

    • Every additional 10 yards of concrete adds $2,000.

Concrete removal

When removing an existing concrete patio prior to installing a new one, the cost per square foot increases. The presence of steel reinforcement in any existing concrete to be removed also increases the total project costs because these jobs require more labor.

Poured concrete patio

A poured concrete patio has a traditional style with a smooth, white surface. In general, this style of patio costs less per square foot than interlocking concrete pavers. Here’s an example of costs for a poured concrete patio project from CLC Contractors:

300-square-foot concrete patio: $2,700

  • One day of labor

  • Excavated dirt only—no shrubs or existing patio to remove

  • Drove cement truck directly up to install location

  • Materials included 4 inches of 3/4 stone as base with 4 inches of concrete on top

  • Cost per square foot for installation and materials: $9

Interlocking concrete paver patio

Concrete pavers provide long-lasting results because of their ability to resist cracking from heat or extreme weight—the interlocking design allows for flexion. Pavers also come in different colors, shapes and designs. Levins of CLC Contractors says that although interlocking pavers are more expensive than poured concrete, they typically last a lifetime because of their strength and resilience in extreme weather. Incorporating steps or a retaining wall into a patio made with interlocking concrete pavers increases the total project cost. Here are some cost examples from CLC Contractors:

  • Starting price for installation of concrete pavers: $15 per square foot

  • Average price for paver product to form steps or retaining wall around a raised patio: $40 per square foot for a three-step height

    • Walls and patio pavers are separate prices per square foot.
  • 240-square-foot raised concrete paver patio: $15 per square foot ($3,600) + 64-foot retaining wall made with pavers: $40 per square foot ($2,560) = $6,160 total

  • 1,100-square-foot concrete patio on a grade (meaning it doesn’t need steps or a retaining wall): $17 per square foot, or $18,700

    • Finished edges of the patio were rounded (radius); the patio floor was one color and the border was another color.

    • Machine-accessible project


Standard patio projects typically don’t need a permit, says Levins of CLC Contractors, especially when removing and replacing an existing patio. Permits (and often architectural drawings) are usually required when digging and installing a foundation.

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