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How much does landscaping cost?

Landscaping costs range from $500–$750 on average for a small project (less than 1,000 square feet) to $20,000 and more for larger, more complex landscaping projects (10,000-15,000 square feet). A professional landscaping service works with clients to create a new landscape look and feel for your yard, from sprucing up outdoor spaces to installing water features. The American Society of Landscape Architects suggests that homeowners budget the cost of a major landscaping project at 5-10 percent of their home’s value.

What’s in this cost guide?

How much does landscape design cost?

On average, it costs about $50–$75 per hour to hire a landscape designer nationwide. You’ll want to hire a professional when faced with designing an elaborate front yard or other outdoor space. The designer will draw plans, help select plants and ground cover, and purchase necessary hardscape materials. Keep in mind this is the price for the design, and additional costs for materials and labor will come later in the process.

What does a landscape designer do?

Landscape designers create the design for an outdoor space, but they don’t necessarily plant flower beds, install sod, or build a retaining wall. Typically a landscape contractor does the physical work of preparing an area, procuring plants and materials, and planting and installing everything. Stone, Soils & Shrubs, based in Durham, North Carolina, can do the design, planting and installation of hardscape features such as walls, paths, patios, driveways, fire pits and so on. Quiet Elegance Landscape is a full-service landscaping company in Santa Rosa, California, specializing in creative outdoor designs, hardscapes and water features.

Cost of Landscaping Materials

Plants generally make up about one-third to one-half of a landscaping project’s budget. These typically include grass lawn, native plants, flower beds, shrubs and trees. Costs vary, of course, depending on the type of plants chosen and the square footage of the area to be planted. Lawns from sod rolls cost on average anywhere from 8 cents to 30 cents per square foot. Landscapers charge 24 cents to 60 cents per square foot for sod installation. So, for 1,000 square feet of lawn, the project cost would be $320–$900. Plants for a 5,000-square-foot yard could cost as much as $8,500–$20,000.

Cost of Installing an Irrigation System

Sprinkler system installation usually costs 75 cents to $1 per square foot. Depending on the local climate, a property may need a sprinkler system to water the lawn and other plants.

Cost of Land Grading

The total cost to reslope a lawn can add an additional $500–$1,000 on average to the total project cost. As with any building project, if a yard slopes at all, it may need to be leveled to accommodate the landscape design and to ensure proper drainage.

How much does patio installation cost?

A patio can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $50,000 (or more), depending on the size, materials and extra features, such as a pergola, seat wall or fire pit. Other hardscapes include pathways, retaining walls, and other built features of outdoor living. If these are part of the landscape project, total costs will increase accordingly.

How much does fountain installation cost?

Water features add interest to a landscape. Here are a few different types of water features and how much they cost:

  • Basic bird bath: $150–$300
  • Freestanding wall fountain: $600 and up
  • Fish pond: $1,500–$9,000

How much does it cost to install outdoor lighting?

Installation costs for simple lighting systems start around $1,500 on average, and can go up to $8,000 or more. Outdoor lighting includes pathway lights, floodlights for large patches of yard, spotlights and highlights, and string lights where applicable.

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