How much will your patio remodel or addition cost?

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How much does it cost to install a patio?

The cost to install a patio (or remodel a patio) is $2,500. You can expect the average cost to range anywhere from $1,480-$3,050, though some homeowners pay as much as $9,957.

Patio installation cost:

National average cost


Average cost range


Low-end cost


High-end cost


Keep in mind that many factors can affect the total installation cost. For example, in certain areas of the country, labor costs will be much higher than in other areas. Also, certain materials — gravel, pavers, concrete, brick, etc. — can also drive costs up or down. 

Whether you're thinking about installing pavers or concrete, check out the following cost guide to learn more about patio prices. And reach out to local patio contractors to get patio installation cost estimates in your area.

Patio cost per square foot

The cost to build a patio ranges from $6-$30 per square foot. When calculating the costs for this project, it’s important to remember that your patio’s total price tag will depend a lot on where you’re located and what materials you choose to use. 

To learn more about total average costs per square foot, dive into the sections below that outline specific costs by patio material type. 

Compare prices from patio addition contractors near you.

Concrete patio cost

One of the most affordable and durable patio options is concrete. The cost to install a concrete patio ranges from $6-$17 per square foot or $2,500-$7,000 total. Installing a stamped concrete patio may double your total costs.

Concrete is a reliable patio option and can be customized easily to your specific needs. Due to the complexity of pouring concrete, this material should be installed by a professional to ensure the patio doesn’t shift or sink post-installation.

Cost for paver patio

Pavers, also referred to as “paver stones,” cost $10-$25 per square foot. Pavers are versatile and available in numerous styles. There are three major paver stone types: natural stone, brick and concrete. Depending on the material chosen, the total cost for your paver patio will vary.

Brick patio cost

For a brick patio, the cost per square foot ranges from $8-$12, making this an affordable patio option. Brick is a timeless material that holds up well against weathering and is an excellent choice for almost any outdoor space. It’s also available in a wide selection of colors and styles. You can also use brick pavers to construct your patio. 

Search local patio addition contractors and check prices.

Cost to install flagstone patio

A more expensive but attractive patio material is flagstone. Flagstone patios cost $15-$30 per square foot. Flagstone is a trusted material due to its durability and appearance.

Bluestone patios are popular options for homeowners. Bluestone, a type of rock that's used for flagstone, is durable and prized for its natural, earthy beauty and unique shape profiles. 

Patio cover cost

Laying a patio is only one part of the potential project. In many cases, homeowners will wish to add a cover over their patio to allow for all-weather enjoyment. Adding an awning or patio covering will cost approximately $383-$800.

There are a few common patio cover styles, including the following:

  • Pergola
  • Flat roof
  • Awning
  • Gable
  • Curved
  • Lattice
  • Glass sunroof style
  • Colored patio cover
  • Freestanding cover

Each style has its own unique set of benefits and costs for materials (e.g., wood, aluminum, vinyl, etc.) and installation. 

Patio cost factors

When installing a patio, get a rough estimate of the total costs before the project begins. Factoring in the following elements can help during this stage: 


One of the biggest determining factors in the cost of building a new patio is the material that will be utilized. For example, flagstones are more expensive per square foot. Conversely, a concrete patio is a low-cost option. For this reason, deciding on the material you want to use should be your priority.


While material costs have a huge impact on the total cost of your patio installation project, another determining factor is the patio’s size. Not sure how large your patio needs to be? Grab a measuring tape and start measuring the specific area you’d like to turn into a patio. These numbers will help you more accurately estimate your total cost. 


Another contributing factor to your project's cost is the amount you will need to pay for labor. Labor costs can vary dramatically from location to location, which is why it’s best to ask for free estimates from local patio contractors. This can help you create a benchmark for your area’s labor costs. 

See which patio addition contractors are top-rated in your area.

Patio location

The location of your patio might also impact costs. For example, if you install a patio behind your house on level ground, the labor costs might not be as high if you were to install the patio on rocky, uneven ground in a harder-to-access location. Additionally, if you want added features, such as a multi-level patio, this will factor into your total patio cost. 

When reaching out to patio contractors, describe the location so they can provide you with an accurate labor cost estimate. 

Covers and awnings

Beyond just the patio itself, don’t forget to factor in additional costs for covers and awnings. For patios that are located directly adjacent to your home, an awning can be an excellent option. For patios that aren’t located near a structure, a freestanding cover will need to be constructed, adding to the total project cost. 

Talk to your contractor about any patio cover prices and other add-ons you’re considering.

How to maintain your patio

Installing a new patio can be a great investment. To protect your investment, conducting proper patio maintenance. Maintenance can help ensure your patio’s longevity and prevent expensive repairs down the line. For example:

  • Keep it clean.  It’s simple but effective. Frequently cleaning your patio will help ensure debris and dirt don’t damage the surface. As an added bonus, a clean patio will also be more enjoyable for everyone to use.
  • Add a seal. If your patio was not installed with a seal, consider adding one. A seal is a simple and effective method for protecting the top layer of your patio from moisture, fading and stains.
  • Invest in pressure washing. When you notice grime and stain buildup on your patio’s surface, hire a professional to pressure wash the surface. This can bring new life to your patio. 
Get a free estimate from a great patio addition contractor near you.

How to hire a patio contractor

Whether it’s pouring concrete or laying brick, hiring a patio installer or contractor is the best way to add a new patio to your yard. DIY patio work is not only labor-intensive, but it may lead to patio issues down the road. From uneven gravel to concrete that hasn’t been set properly, a professional can ensure that you avoid all the common patio pitfalls. 

Before hiring a patio installer, check out the following important tips.

Questions to ask a professional

Before you hire a professional to install a patio, create a list of questions to ask. This can help you gather important information before you make your final decision. The following list can be a good jumping-off point, but don’t hesitate to add more to it:

  • What materials do you offer for patio builds?
  • How long do you think the project will take to complete?
  • Do you treat the patio after installation?
  • How do you calculate total project costs?
  • Do you have any examples of previous work you’ve completed?
  • What licensure and insurance do you carry?
  • Do you provide free estimates?

Details to provide to a professional

Not only do you need to ask questions before hiring a professional, but you also need to provide information to the contractor. The following items are good to have on hand so the contractors can give you accurate project cost estimates: 

  • The size of the patio you want to be built
  • Where the patio will be located
  • Information about the ground where the patio will be laid (Is it smooth, rocky or uneven? Will gravel need to be removed? Is it easy to access?)
  • The material you would like the patio to be
  • If you want a cover or awning
  • Your preferred completion date

How to gather and use free estimates

One of the most important steps in the hiring process is gathering free estimates from multiple companies and contractors. Use the following tips:

  1. Start by searching online for patio contractors near you by using Thumbtack.
  2. Once you have located professionals in your area, select at least three to contact. 
  3. Start contacting each professional, requesting a free estimate.
  4. Sort the estimates from lowest to highest cost, keeping in mind any variables between each estimate. For example, one contractor might offer a lower estimate than another, but they might not be including material costs. Try to gather equal information from each company to make comparison easier. 
  5. Contrast estimates against reviews, experience and credentials. Make sure you hire an installation service that offers a reasonable cost and has a positive reputation for providing lasting, high-quality work. 

Credentials a professional should possess

Lastly, ensure the contractor you hire has the necessary licenses and insurance for the job. When gathering estimates, ask what license and insurance they carry.

For further details on how to check licenses, insurance and other credentials, visit Thumbtack’s Smart Hiring guide.

Find patio contractors near you

If you’re looking to install a new patio to improve your outdoor living space, the process begins by finding the right professional in your area. You can find a patio contractor near you by conducting a quick search on Thumbtack. Armed with the knowledge from the guide above, you can assess which professional is right for your patio installation. 

Find a top-rated patio addition contractor near you.


Have further questions about patio installation? Check out the following frequently asked questions and answers. 

Is it cheaper to lay concrete or pavers?

Based on the cost per square foot outlined in the guide above, concrete is a cheaper material than patio pavers, on average. Both require a professional’s skills and expertise for optimal results.

Is a paver patio cheaper than a deck?

A paver patio is generally a more affordable option than a wood deck. A deck costs approximately $12-$40 per square foot to install, depending on the material. Meanwhile, a paver patio costs $10-$25 per square foot.

However, comparing the two projects against each other is difficult, as the materials used and the cost of labor can vary dramatically. 

Does a patio add value to a house?

A patio may add value to your home, depending on the conditions in your area’s real estate market. Generally, the patio’s quality and characteristics will influence how much (or little) of a return you get. For example, if it’s a stand-alone patio or is the foundation of an outdoor kitchen, this may impact how much prospective buyers are willing to pay for your home when you’re ready to sell. 

How long will it take to lay a patio?

The time it will take to lay the patio will vary depending on the type of patio you’re constructing. Always ask a professional upfront what their project estimate will be for your specific needs. 

What is the best flooring for an outdoor patio?

Outdoor patios can be designed with a variety of materials. The best flooring for an outdoor patio should be a durable and weather-resistant material. Stone, pavers, tiles and concrete are all excellent choices for a durable patio.

Additional sources: Landscaping Network

How do we know these prices?

Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, conduct our own research and then we share those prices with you. The prices reflected in the article above are for informational purposes only and are subject to change at any time. Contact a professional near you to receive a personalized cost estimate for your project.


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