How much does garage door opener installation cost?

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The average cost for a garage door specialist is $310. You are likely to spend between $125 and $765 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated July 1st, 2017

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Electric garage door openers can be difficult to install. Fortunately, some professionals specialize in installing garage door openers. Costs for pro installation depend on the type of garage door opener, whether the system includes a remote control or lighting, whether the task requires an electrician, and whether the pro must remove an old garage door opener.


The three main types of garage door openers are chain drive (the cheapest but the loudest), screw drive and belt drive (the most expensive but the quietest). Generally speaking, all three cost about the same. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and an installer can help determine which type is best for any given garage. Openers themselves cost $150 to $300.


Garage door opener installation general costs about the same price as an opener. A-Team Garage Doors of Denver can install an opener purchased separately by the customer for $150, but the company also sells openers with installation as a package. A chain drive opener with installation and one remote costs $350, and a belt drive opener with installation and one remote costs $400. Schoewe Services of Hoffman Estates, Illinois, offers a belt drive opener with two remotes for $400.

Remote and lighting

Some garage door openers come with a remote control and security lighting features; some don’t. If not included, these components generally come at a minimal cost. A-Team Garage Doors charges $65 parts and labor for a remote and $80 parts and labor for a keypad.

Electrical work

Some garage door installations may require electrical work if the wiring isn’t in place to support the garage door opener. Most electricians can take care of this job in an hour or so. Some garage door installers can handle electrical work themselves, however, and this service might be included in the overall installation cost.


Some installers charge extra to remove an existing garage door opener, and some include this task in the overall fee.


Garage door openers generally last around 10 years, but they do require occasional maintenance. Homeowners can perform many fixes themselves, but professional installers can usually fix problems quickly, often for the price of a service call. Creative Garage Doors of Englewood, Colorado, repairs garage door openers for $100.

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