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Specialized contractors help with in-ground swimming pools for residential, commercial and business properties. Professionals can redesign an existing pool or start from scratch to create a brand new rectangular, circular, oval or custom-designed pool. Construction materials include concrete or gunite, vinyl or fiberglass. Contractors can upgrade existing pools with features such as a cover, diving board, heating system, underwater lights, water slide, deck, fencing, cleaning systems or spa. Several factors affect the cost of an in-ground pool.

Size and features

The level of luxury put into a pool affects the cost of construction. U.S. Pools in Roswell, Georgia, works on a lot of high-end projects using top-of-the-line materials and custom designs. These projects necessarily cost more than a standard in-ground pool. Here are two examples from U.S. Pools:

Luxury pool: $80,000

  • 20x40-foot custom pool with many extra features

  • Three months to complete

  • Gunite construction (custom-built on-site and in-ground by constructing a steel frame and high-pressure spraying it with a concrete-and-sand mixture that was then hand-shaped into place—as opposed to insertion of a prefabricated shell into the ground)

  • Raised spa (set in-pool but above the pool water line)

  • Travertine deck

  • Slide

  • Natural rock diving board

  • All plumbing and electrical work and lighting

Standard pool: $50,000

  • 18x36-foot pool with a heating system and minimal ground work

  • Several weeks to complete

  • Vinyl liner

  • Concrete deck

  • Decorative concrete coping around the edge of the pool

  • Vinyl liner pool requiring no ground prep and no extra grading

  • Standard equipment plus a heat pump and automatic sweep system


The cost of labor, area competition and cost of living varies according to region and will affect the total project cost. In addition, a company’s reputation, experience and level of quality it provides affects the overall cost.

Ground preparation

The amount of work required to prep an area for an in-ground pool affects the total cost. U.S. Pools considers the overall pool site—how level the ground is, what grading or leveling needs to occur, whether any trees or tree stumps need to be removed, whether there is a septic tank, and whether there are ground rot issues. The company can then calculate the amount of labor and resources required to prep the area. The more prep work required, the more the total bill. Ground prep can add another $20,000 or more if a project requires leveling, tree removal, retaining walls and other labor-intensive site preparation.


Using stone, special tiles, materials that require hand construction or other high-end materials increases the total cost. Prefabricated pool shells and simple installation offers the best cost-saving strategy.

Special features

Slides, patio work, custom gunite pool designs, diving boards and other special features all increase the total cost of an in-ground pool.

Pro tips:

  • Be patient with the weather. If there’s a lot of rain, builders will have to pause work, and it can be messy until things dry.

  • For sought-after pros, plan in advance. U.S. Pools books out a year in advance for its pool installation services.
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