How much will your in-ground swimming pool construction cost?

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How much does an inground pool cost?

The national average cost of an inground pool is $22,362, with a high-end range of $88,599-$108,290. Adding a spa brings the total estimated cost to $50,200. 

Inground pool cost:

Average inground pool cost


Average inground pool w/ spa cost


High-end cost


Inground pool prices can be impacted by numerous factors, including the pool’s dimensions, depth, finishes, accessories, recreational equipment, the type of water (saltwater vs. chlorine) and more. 

If you’re wondering how much is an inground pool, read this cost guide to learn more about the cost factors so you can adequately budget and plan your pool construction project.

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Inground pool prices installed

Labor and material prices make up a large portion of the cost to install an inground pool. For example, concrete inground pools typically require 200-300% more labor when compared to fiberglass or vinyl. The below sections explore the total costs associated with various pool installations.


Total cost to install inground pool







Concrete inground pool cost

Concrete inground pools cost $30,000-$50,000. A concrete pool is generally the most common and expensive option — but it’s also the most customizable. With concrete pools, pros spray gunite or shotcrete over a rebar framework. Contractors start by framing a support structure with rebar before the concrete is sprayed, shaped and formed. The majority of the cost associated with concrete inground pools comes from labor.

Concrete pools generally require the most labor, and they take the longest to install. Still, it’s the best choice for homeowners wanting a custom-shape or very deep pool.

Other benefits of getting a concrete pool include its high durability. The cons? Be prepared to pay more for routine maintenance. And compared to vinyl pools, concrete inground pools take longer to build.

Vinyl inground pool cost

Typically the most cost-effective structure, vinyl inground pools cost $10,000-$25,000. Labor and materials bring down the cost of vinyl liner pools due to the relative ease of installation. Contractors start by building support walls and reinforcing the perimeter with a concrete, sand and composite mixture. The vinyl liner is then laid in place and filled.

A vinyl pool is generally your cheapest inground pool option. A lower initial cost and a customizable shape are the biggest benefits of vinyl liner pools. The cons: vinyl liners need to be replaced every five to nine years, which can increase the total lifetime cost.

Fiberglass inground pool prices

Fiberglass inground pools cost $20,000-$60,000 but typically carry a longer lifespan than vinyl pools. They also require less maintenance and can be installed quicker than other varieties. Fiberglass pools have a smooth finish, high durability and compatibility with saltwater. However, it can be difficult to get a fiberglass pool that’s custom.

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Cost of an inground saltwater pool

Inground saltwater pools cost $25,000-$80,000 and have gained popularity in recent years. They are less harsh to skin and clothing when compared to chlorine pools. Although the upfront cost is higher than chlorine pools, yearly maintenance costs are cheaper over the lifecycle of the pool. 

Factors that impact the cost to install inground pools

The material you choose for your inground pool is a major cost factor, but it’s certainly not the only one. Below is a quick list of other cost considerations to keep in mind when creating a budget for your swimming pool:

  • Grading. Grading may be required if your backyard or land is not level.
  • Permits. Permit requirements vary from place to place, but you’ll likely need a permit (and pay the fees) in order to build a pool. 
  • Equipment: Pool equipment, such as pumps, automated controls, saltwater chlorinators, lighting and pool heaters, vary widely in cost.
  • Gas and electrical work. Be prepared to factor in any costs associated with electrical wiring or gas line installation.
  • Pool fence. If you have small children, installing a fence around your pool is a good idea for safety reasons. (It might even be required in your state).
  • Decking. Concrete pool decking is one of the highest costs associated with pool installations and varies based on square footage.
  • Accessories and custom features. The cost of swimming pool accessories and features like waterfalls, diving boards, pool facing, and pool covers vary signficantly.
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Inground spa cost

The cost of an inground pool and spa is estimated at $50,200. If you’re considering a spa, find out if you can save money on labor costs by building it at the same time as your pool.

Inground pool maintenance cost

The true cost of owning an inground pool also includes the cost to maintain, clean and repair it. The average cost to maintain a pool is $80-$200 per month, assuming weekly visits. One-time pool service calls range from $150-$300, with a national average of $225

Pool repairs and inspections cost $150-$1,200 and $75-$350, respectively. Additional maintenance costs include winterizing, adding chemicals or salt tablets, acid washes, pool draining, heating system maintenance and pool pump maintenance. 

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Inground pool budgeting tips

Building an inground pool can get expensive quickly (we’re talking six figures). Luckily, you can find ways to stay well within your budget by utilizing these money-saving tactics:

Minimize decking when possible

Because pool decking is one of the most costly parts of an inground pool installation, keeping the deck area surrounding the pool as small as possible will help cut down on costs. Also, look into different pool deck materials that can save time, labor and money. 

Minimize accessories and custom features

Aesthetics and function are two very different aspects of a pool installation. Decide which extras you want to include in your pool design so you can get an idea of the upfront costs associated with the project as a whole. Items like waterfalls, diving boards, volleyball nets, basketball hoops, sprinkler systems and slides can cost approximately $300-$5,000 each for labor and materials.

Shop around for the best price

Labor is often the most costly aspect of installing an inground pool. Compare costs from inground pool companies near you so you can hire a professional who has reasonable pricing.

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Is an inground pool worth it?

If you’re unsure if installing an inground pool is worth the cost, time and effort, ask yourself: What value can an inground bring to my home and quality of life? 

For example, let’s say you plan to sell your home in the future. If you live in a competitive real estate market where most of the homes for sale already have inground pools, prospective buyers might expect your home to have a pool as well. However, if there’s no data to support the belief that you will recoup the cost of building an inground pool when it’s time to sell, maybe a pool isn’t the right investment for you.

But resale value isn’t the only factor to keep in mind; also consider your enjoyment. Swimming in your own pool could be a fun way for your household, friends and family members to spend together and create lasting memories. And if this is what you value above all else, then yes — an inground pool is worth the cost.

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Is it cheaper to build a pool in the winter?

The cost to build a pool in the winter depends on numerous factors, the biggest one being demand. As a general rule of thumb, pool companies may offer offseason discounts throughout the fall and winter months because business generally lags during that time of year. 

What type of inground pool is best?

Every homeowner will have a different answer to this question because it depends on their budget and personal preferences. Concrete and fiberglass inground pools will last longer than vinyl pools, on average, while fiberglass and vinyl pools typically require less long-term maintenance. Concrete and fiberglass pools are typically the most expensive types of pools to install. 

Can you negotiate a pool price?

Yes, any project that requires contracted labor can be negotiated. While it may feel uncomfortable to some, shopping around for the best price on labor costs in your area is a realistic way to lower the cost of a pool installation. 

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What’s the most expensive part of installing a pool?

The most expensive part of installing a pool is the labor costs associated with material, size and decking. Other areas that affect the price of a pool installation include extras and additions, saltwater vs. chlorine and whether or a heater is required.

Do pools add value to your home?

It depends on where you live, the buyers (and sellers) in your market and real estate trends. For example, if you're a homeowner with property in a sunny city with unbearably hot summers, it might be a good idea to install one in your yard. However, a swimming pool might not add value to your home if some buyers will only consider it a liability or extra upkeep.

When in doubt, consult with your realtor or a real estate expert to figure out what types of home improvements or remodeling projects you should take on before trying to sell your home.

Can you build an inground pool on your own?

You might be able to build an inground swimming pool on your own, but it is extremely labor- and time-intensive. If you don't have the proper tools, materials, skills and experience when it comes to large construction projects, consider hiring a pro who does. You should also review the rules and regulations in your city/state before you begin any project that involves major construction, electrical, plumbing or gas work.

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