How much will your fence and gate installation cost?

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How much does a pool fence cost?

Nationally, the average cost for gate or fence installation ranges between $500 and $600 to $5,000 or more, which reflects the range of materials and project sizes.

The cost for installing a new fence or gate is determined by the fence materials, the linear footage of the project, and any special features you want to add, such as decorative wrought-iron fence work or an ornate gate.

To learn more about the cost of installing a pool fence, keep reading this guide. 

What’s in this cost guide?

How to estimate the cost of pool fencing

Measuring the number of linear feet you need is the first step in estimating your pool fence costs. Most residential pool fences range in size from 200 to 350 linear feet.

From there, consider the material you prefer. Glass fences will cost the most, followed by vinyl or iron. Most people don't choose a wood fence, as it can get warped by pool water over time (and may not meet local pool safety codes).

The number of gates you want installed also drives up the cost.

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How much does a pool fence cost?

As cited above, the average cost for fence installation can range from several hundred dollars to $5,000 or more. The cost of a pool fence will vary based on your ZIP code, fence size, and fence materials.

Luke Beerman of Freedom Fence Builders in Raleigh, North Carolina, shares that in his region, pool fence sizes range from 200 to 350 feet, making the total cost $4,000 – $7,000 for a standard home pool.

In-ground pool fence cost

The cost of installing a fence for an in-ground pool varies based on size, whether it is installed into concrete or soil, and any custom requests the customer has.

“We can give estimates over the phone or via email based on the style of fence a customer may want,” says Beerman, “but because of the specific nature of each job, we don’t offer a written contract until we are able to see the job site in person.”

Typically, pool fences are made of black aluminum, Beerman says. Here are some cost examples he provided:

Linear feet Materials Price per linear foot Total cost
200 4-foot-tall black aluminum $20, including installation $4,000
200 4-foot-tall black aluminum, plus custom arched gates $25, including installation $5,000
350 4-foot-tall black aluminum, plus custom arched gates $21, including installation $7,350

Cost of adding a gate

The type of gate installed in a pool fence affects the total cost. Materials for gates cost more than fencing, and the gate must be secured by two sturdy gate posts.

“For the most part, we’ll include one or two gates in a $21 price-per-linear-foot fence cost,” says Beerman. However, requesting arched gates raises costs at least $175 to $200 per gate. Upgrading a $4,000to $7,000 basic fence project with custom arched gates would raise the overall price to $5,000 to $10,000.

Cost of above-ground pool fences

Above-ground pools typically have fences similar to guardrails that encircle the edges of the pool if it is freestanding or safely enclose a deck area built around the pool. They are commonly 24 to 36 inches in height.

Often, these fences attach directly to the above-ground pool. These types of fences have lower materials and installation costs than in-ground pool fences. Consumer prices for DIY materials start at approximately $150.

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Safety code

Most regions have residential pool safety requirements that may be designated by the municipality, state, or local building codes.

In North Carolina, says Beerman, if you’re building a new pool, you have to put a fence in before you can get the final inspection approved. To meet code requirements, the gate must have self-closing hinges, open outward and be 52 to 54 inches in height from the ground. If the fence encloses the pool as well as an entrance to the house (meaning the house door is the final barrier to the pool), then that door will need an alarm.

Fencing professionals should know the local requirements and the type of pool fence and pool safety measurements that are required, but as the pool owner you are the one ultimately responsible for following local child safety laws.

What are the benefits of pool safety fencing?

A pool fence is an important home improvement project, one that can save lives. Another perk is meeting local building code, which can protect you from liability if someone does get injured in your pool in the future.

Also, a pool safety fence helps with your home’s resale value, as homebuyers — especially those with children — want to see safety measures in place.

How to hire a fence installation professional

When hiring a local professional to install your swimming pool fence, look for:

  • Good reviews: Research online reviews and ask for referrals. Most pros have online portfolios showcasing their work.
  • Experience: Target a pro who has experience installing pool fences and not just installing standard fences.
  • Price comparisons: Ask for free estimates from at least two pros to make sure you’re getting a reasonable quote. But remember that cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to pool safety solutions.
  • Insurance: Look for a company that has both liability insurance and workers’ compensation. These protect you financially in case of accidents during the installation.
  • Contract: Ask for a contract that outlines linear feet, fence materials, any add-ons such as pool alarms or decorative work, and timeframe.
  • Deposit: A deposit upfront is customary, but asking for payment in full is a big red flag.

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