How much will your new home construction cost?

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How much do modular homes cost?

Modular home prices typically range from approximately $72-$93 per square foot. Based on this cost-per-square-foot estimate, the total cost to build modular homes or buildings ranges roughly from $57,600-$279,000

This cost estimate includes minimum plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical systems, factory assembly, delivery within 50 miles, skirting, steps, rails and on-site finishing. However, it does not include the cost of hooking up utilities, permits, taxes, site preparation or furnishings. 

Modular home prices:

800 sq. ft.


1,000 sq. ft.


1,200 sq. ft.


1,500 sq. ft.


2,000 sq. ft.


2,500 sq. ft.


3,000 sq. ft.


It’s worth noting that modular home costs may vary greatly (reaching $400,000 or more) due to the many different floor plans, customizations, site preparations and other fees. To learn more about the factors that influence the cost of modular homes, keep reading.

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What is a modular home?

Modular homes (also called prefabricated homes or "prefab" homes) refer to houses that are manufactured in a factory environment. After the modules are fully fabricated, they are delivered to the building site. They are then assembled on an established poured foundation.

After assembly, the rest of the process involves hooking up the utilities and fitting the home with the desired appliances, flooring, cabinetry and other finishes and furnishings.

Modular home cost per square foot

Modular homes cost $72-$93 per square foot. But how much you pay for a modular home depends on the floor plan you choose. It also depends on the company, with some charging $175 per square foot. You should also keep in mind that one-story modular homes can cost more per square foot than two-story modular homes. In general, smaller and more complex modular homes will cost more per square foot. And if you need more on-site construction services for your modular home, expect to pay more.

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Modular home price list

When talking about a modular home's “base price,” you’re referring to the cost of producing individual modules or parts for the selected floor plan. This price does not cover any customizations or modifications, but it often covers factory assembly and delivery.

The total cost of a modular home will include the base price, on-site construction, finishes, furnishings modifications, taxes and more. Here’s a quick rundown of the different expenses you’ll need to consider when building a modular home:

To get an accurate price estimate for your modular home, contact the modular dealer and give them a clear picture of what you want — from the floor plan and amenities to the site condition and structures (e.g., garage or deck) you want. 

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Modular home cost considerations

There are several factors to keep in mind when estimating the cost of your modular home. For example:


Just like a conventional home, modular home prices increase with size. The more square footage you want, the more labor, design considerations and construction materials you’ll need.

If you’re purchasing a modular home for a small family or a single person, the single-wide home is a great option. You should expect to pay more for a double and triple-wide modular home. Here are some cost estimates for single-, double- and triple-wide modular homes from


Starting price


Time to build



800-1,200 sq. ft.

6-16 weeks



900-2,700 sq. ft.

6-16 weeks



1,600-3,500 sq. ft.

6-18 weeks

Designs and plans

The cost of a modular home is affected by three major design options. The first design option affects the interior of the house and includes things such as fireplaces, flooring, stairs, countertops and entryways. The second affects the exterior with customizations such as siding upgrades, driveway, roof pitch, garage and so on. And the third one revolves around energy-efficient upgrades. They range from solar and LED-powered lighting to better-quality insulation. 

The overall cost is going to rise or drop based on the customization and design upgrades you opt for. Although modular manufacturers offer a wide selection of designs, customers can often ask the  custom floor plans. This makes them as versatile as site-built houses.

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Most modular home manufacturers offer free delivery services within a specific radius. Outside this radius, the cost is going to increase as the distance increases. 

Site preparation

You’re probably going to spend a bit of money on on-site preparation. Some preparations include leveling, construction of a foundation and preparing for the connection of utilities. 

You’ll also need to hire different contractors to help with the preparation process. Apart from leveling, marking boundaries may be a good option as it shows the amount of extra space that you will leave for additional elements. If a foundation is required, it should be constructed before the delivery of the modular home.

But before any of these steps are done, you need to complete a site inspection before you build your modular home.


You will have to apply for a permit if the inspection shows that the land can hold a modular home. Permit fees will vary depending on where you live.

Cost of modular homes vs. building on site

Modular homes often cost less than homes built on-site. An on-site built home costs an average of $100-$160 per square foot for every square foot. On the other hand, you can pay as little as $72 (sometimes less) for every square foot of a modular home. 

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Where to buy modular homes

There are many companies constructing and selling modular homes. Based on your preferences, you can order a prefabricated home that only needs to be installed, or you can have one customized to your preferences. Just start searching online to find options that fit within your budget.

Why choose a modular home?

Modular homes come with different advantages. The biggest benefit is perhaps the lower cost. They also offer a variety of customization options, and they’re faster to build. 

With the growing concerns over environmental conservation, modular homes appear to be more beneficial as they use eco-friendly materials and practices throughout the construction process. They also integrate energy-efficient solutions.


Is it cheaper to build a house or buy a modular home?

Modular homes are usually cheaper than site-built homes, although the price may vary depending on various factors.

Can you build a modular home for $100,000?

You may be able to find a modular home that costs less than $100,000 for the base price. However, you’ll probably pay more than $100,000 for the total cost, which includes the cost of land preparation, delivery, set up and more. 

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What is the least expensive modular home?

The single-wide home is typically the most affordable modular home option available in the market. 

Is a modular home worth it?

Whether a modular home is suitable depends on your individual situation. Before you decide to go for a modular home, make sure you weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

How long do modular homes take to build?

Some companies say it takes an average of six to 18 weeks to build a modular home. Others estimate it will take two weeks or less to build and then 30-90 days to install on-site. It depends on the home's complexity.

Does a modular home lose value?

Just like on site-built homes, modular homes are said to appreciate instead of depreciating in value.

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