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How much does quilting cost?

Give a gift that lasts a lifetime with the help of a professional quilter. Quilters are skilled in the art of sewing and focus that skill on making quilts, bed coverlets with a front and back that are stuffed with batting. Typically, the top of the quilt is composed of multiple scraps of fabric stitched together to form traditional patterns. Just as popular as traditional styles are modern designs, memory quilts, photo quilts and clothing (or T-shirt) quilts.

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The complexity of the quilt and pattern, the quilt size, the skill level of the quilter and the materials used will all impact the cost of a new quilt. Quilts are often presented as gifts on momentous occasions such as the birth of a child, a wedding, a milestone wedding anniversary or graduation—and then passed down through the family. If you’d like to own a quilt or give one as a gift, here are the cost factors of having a quilt made.

Price per square inch

Many quilters charge per square inch of the finished quilt. The cost includes factors such as the fabric used, the skill level required, the amount of time needed for the technique, the materials required, the quality of the batting and more. Many traditional quilters charge from 3 cents to 15 cents per square inch, says Katherine Bennett of Kat’s Out o’the Bag in Wilmington, North Carolina, with the price range reflecting the factors going into the quilt.

Pattern quilts

The larger the quilt and the more intricate the pattern, the higher the total cost will be. Below are some examples of how size and design will impact cost. Size is the main differentiator in cost for two rag-edge quilts created by Sue Simon of Sam ‘n’ Baby Studio in Garland, Texas, while the quatrefoil quilt—although only a twin—costs more due to the added complexity.

  • Rag-edge quilt. King-size (110 inches by 93 inches) from Sam ‘n’ Baby Studio: ~ $350.
  • Patchwork quilt. Double (54 inches by 75 inches) from Sam ‘n’ Baby Studio: ~ $320.
  • Red rose pattern quatrefoil quilt in twin-size (68 inches by 86 inches) from Sam ‘n’ Baby Studio: ~ $230.
    • The backing is a red-and-white chevron pattern. The long arm quilting is white in a meandering pattern, and the binding is double folded and hand-stitched.
  • Rag-edge quilt in twin-size from Sam ‘n’ Baby Studio: $150.
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T-shirt quilts

T-shirt quilts are on trend as a thoughtful gift or as a keepsake for a loved one. T-shirts are sewn into the pattern of the quilt, transforming special clothing into a quilt. The quilter prepares the T-shirts of your choice with a lightweight fusible interfacing to prevent stretching and provide stability, explains Jill Humphreys at Sew What in Fort Worth, Texas.

A variable T-shirt quilt is made by varying the size of the T-shirt square, explains Humphreys of Sew What, with sashing between the blocks. The blocks are typically the same width but different lengths. Variable T-shirt patterns may cost more due to the extra labor. Here are examples of cost from Humphreys of Sew What:

  • Throw-size 12-shirt quilt. Approximately 52 inches by 68 inches: $350
    • $375 for variable size.
  • Twin-size 20-shirt quilt. Approximately 68 inches by 85 inches: $450.
    • $475 for variable size (up to 25 shirts).
  • Full-size 30-shirt quilt. Approximately 85 inches by 101 inches: $525.
    • $575 for variable size (up to 35 shirts).
  • Queen-size 36-shirt quilt. Approximately 100 inches by 100 inches: $600.
    • $700 for variable size (up to 40 shirts).
  • King-size, 42-shirt quilt. Approximately 100 inches by 118 inches: $700.
    • $800 for variable size (up to 50 shirts).
  • A $75 rush fee may be charged for work that must be completed in less than 1 month.
    • There is a $25 consultation fee for in-person meetings, which is applied to the deposit for a quilt.
How do we know these prices?

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