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Roof inspections are a way to determine the health of a current roof or the roof health of a home or property being bought or sold. Roof inspections can be a requirement for insurance, for personal peace of mind, for refinancing a home or for getting an unbiased evaluation of when a roof needs to be replaced. Roof inspections are typically performed by certified, independent third parties who don’t offer roof repair or roof replacement services—thus preventing any conflict of interest. Several factors affect the cost of having a roof inspected.

Roof inspection rates

Roof inspectors typically charge a flat rate or base their charges on the square footage of a roof. Steep slopes, multiple levels and access difficulty all can increase the cost of a standard roof inspection. In some cases, inspectors may a drone to help with the inspection. Here are some examples of cost:

Home Assured Property Inspections in Winter Springs, Florida

  • Standard roof inspection on a one-story home: $150

  • Two story home roof inspections: ~ $200

  • Ranch style, single-level, 3,200-square-foot home wind mitigation inspection: $150

  • Two-story, 4,576-square-foot home wind mitigation inspection: $200

Danrocks Home Inspection in Fincastle, Virginia

  • Standard roof inspection: $200 to start

    • The price increases with the steepness of the roof and size of the home.

Corner Stone Home Inspections of Grapevine, Texas

  • Roof inspections for smaller homes: $85 to start

    • Prices increase based on the square footage but normally will not cost more than $125.

Reasons for a roof inspection

Getting a roof inspection can save homeowners big money later on. However, unless a problem is known, most homeowners won’t consider having a roof inspection done. But sun, wind and bad weather damage, along with rodents and pests, all cause expensive problems if they’re left untreated for too long. "Most people never get on their roof until they see an interior leak," says David Clayton of Corner Stone Home Inspections. But homeowners should check their roof every year. “Rodents can cause major damage to the fascia and soffits while they are getting in your home,” Clayton says. “Rodents are the third leading cause of* home fires and most people don't even know they have them.” Regular roof inspections help catch problems before they get big.

Jimmie Nelson of Home Assured Property Inspections offers two types of roof inspections. One is a standard roof inspection to appraise the current condition of the roof. The other is a Uniform Wind Mitigation Inspection for insurance purposes. Insurance companies operating in Florida are required by statute (FL OIR-B1-1802) to advise policyholders of discounts available to them for wind mitigating characteristics of their home. The roof inspection provides proof that the homeowner is entitled to a rate discount. Many insurance agencies outside of Florida offer discounts for roofs that meet certain conditions. Be sure to ask your provider.

Roof inspections can also help homeowners claim the labor warranty on a faulty roof installation. Clayton of Corner Stone Home Inspections inspected a new roof installation that a customer was concerned about. The roof had been installed while the customer was out of town, and he feared the roofer had cut corners. Clayton concluded that the roof had not been properly installed and provided a report with video documentation. The roofing company ended up not charging the customer the $10,000 bill because of its sub-standard work.

Components of a roof inspection

A typical roof inspection includes checking the drip-edge flashing, checking the roof underlayment to make sure it was installed properly, and inspecting the shingles and counter flashings to make sure water can not get into the structure. Next, inspectors get into the attic to check the roof decking for damage.

Dan Stone of Danrocks Home Inspection says after his inspectors check every plane, all the flashings and the gutters on the roof, they provide customers with a report that includes pictures so they see exactly where problems are located. The company also provides recommendations for repairs when necessary.

For wind mitigation inspections, inspectors check the roof type, attic characteristics, window and garage openings, shingle type, and more, says Nelson of Home Assured Property Inspections. Typically all roof inspections provide customers with a final report that includes photos.

Travel fee

Some roof inspectors charge a travel fee if a home is outside of their standard service range. Not all inspectors do, however—it depends on the company and their network. Danrocks Home Inspection charges $50–$80 for travel that is more than 90 miles from the company headquarters.

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