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How much does roof repair cost?

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The average cost for a roofer is $195. You are likely to spend between $95 and $410 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated August 1st, 2017

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Roof repairs typically address water damage or leaks, missing or damaged shingles, and more routine roof maintenance and cleaning. Roof repairs are available for private homes and commercial spaces, and they can be paid for either through insurance claims or out of pocket. Professionals repair roofs made from asphalt, clay tile, wood, metal slate, and rubber. Several factors affect the cost of roof repairs.

Size of repair

Roofs and roof repairs are measured in "squares." Squares are 10-foot-by-10-foot areas that equal 100 square feet. The more squares to be repaired, the higher the cost.

Type of roof

The cost of the shingles needed directly affects the cost of roof repair. Clay tiles, common in the Southwestern states; slate tiles, traditionally used in the Northeast but becoming more popular throughout the U.S.; and wood shingles are generally the most expensive. Asphalt tends to be the least expensive. Within the asphalt category, 3-tab shingles cost less than dimensional or architectural shingles for basic repairs per square. Here are pricing examples from two companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area:

  • Keto Roofing and Construction/DFW Gutterdome

    • Roofing repair labor: $40–$70 per square

    • Least expensive asphalt shingles: $60–$80 per square

    • 3-Tab asphalt shingles with roofer labor: $200 per square

    • 30-year dimensional asphalt shingles with labor: $300–$500 per square
  • Keystone Contracting Group

    • Materials and labor for asphalt shingles: $500 per square

    • Materials and labor, for built-up roofs, modified bitumen roofing systems, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply roofs and EPDM synthetic rubber roofs: $700 per square

    • Materials and labor for clay/tile shingles: $900 per square

    • Materials and labor for slate tiles: $900–$4,000 per square (Price range represents cost variances for synthetic to real slate.)

Time of year

Demand for roof repairs is greatest in spring and summer, so the cost will typically be higher than when done off-season when laborers’ time is in less demand. The price of shingles can also be lower during the off-season. That’s why Keto Roofing and Construction/DFW Gutterdome’s cost of labor per square can fluctuate from $40–$70.

Chimneys, vents, and seals

Frequently the flashing (metal barrier strips) that keep water from leaking in need to be resealed as opposed to a whole square of a roof being refinished. This is often faster and less expensive than replacing a square. For example, Keystone Contracting Group charges:

  • For sealing pipe seals, roof vents, and chimney flashings: $200


The layer of roof underneath the shingles is called "decking." When water or objects falling have caused damage beneath the top layer of shingles, the decking will need to be replaced and the price will increase. Keto Roofing and Construction/DFW GutterDome charges $500–$600 per square to replace decking.

Oil prices

The long-term price of petroleum has an affect on the cost of shingles. Petroleum is a key ingredient in the manufacture of shingles and affects the cost of shingle production, the cost to the roofer, and ultimately the cost to the roof owner.

Type of repair

Trees rubbing against shingles, water penetrating shingles and damage to flashing around the chimney can all be reasons why people need help with roof repairs. Below are common asphalt roofing repair prices from Keto Roofing and Construction/DFW Gutterdome. Clay, slate or wood shingle repairs will generally cost more.

  • Replace valley of roof, where water is tunneling and wearing down the shingles: $4 per linear foot

  • Replace worn pipe jack (plumbing pipe) and flashing (protective metal strips that keep water out): $100–$150

  • Repair damage where trees have rubbed against shingles and worn down to the decking: $250

  • Replace flashing around chimney: $500–$750

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