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Professionals can install vinyl flooring in a home or business for a polished look that is durable and made to last. Vinyl floors are sold as sheet vinyl, solid vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) or vinyl planks. Vinyl often replicates the look of natural stone tiles or hardwood planks at a lower price. On solid vinyl, photographic printing replicates specific looks. With LVTs, 3D imaging is used to overlay a desired texture onto vinyl tiles to create the look of other materials such as marble, acacia, oak or ceramic. LVT flooring is typically about ⅛-inch thick and can be coated with urethane for added durability. Several factors affect the cost of vinyl flooring.

Vinyl planks

Vinyl planks are a popular form of vinyl flooring that’s designed to look like real wood. They are waterproof, not prone to expansion from heat and cold like wood is, and stand up well against kids and pets. Jake Olson of Nature’s Touch Flooring in Minneapolis, Minnesota, says that vinyl planks are popular because they are 100 percent waterproof and a good alternative to laminate. Pricing for vinyl planks fluctuates based on brand. Pricing for entry-level vinyl planks that click together typically starts around $2 per square foot. These planks, however, may not have the staying power of upgraded versions, says Olsen at Nature’s Touch Flooring. Here are some cost examples for vinyl planks and installation:

Nature’s Touch Flooring

  • Total project cost for ~ 200-square-foot installation project: $2,000 (~ $10 per square foot)

  • Materials: $4–$6 per square foot, depending on plank brand and quality

Right Step Flooring in Hallandale, Florida

  • Total project cost for 595-square-foot installation project: $1,410 (~ $2.37 per square foot)

    • The projet included carpet removal and installation of acacia-look vinyl plank flooring in three rooms

    • Price does not include materials.

Luxury vinyl tiles

LVTs are growing in popularity, but, according to Olson of Nature’s Touch Flooring, they haven’t reached the same trend level as vinyl planks. They’re a good choice for people looking for tile but want something warmer than ceramic. They are also more cost-effective and don’t crack like ceramic, Olson says. In general, LVTs cost more per square foot than vinyl planks. Many Nature’s Touch Flooring customers request LVT in smaller areas such as bathrooms or laundry rooms instead of throughout an entire house. Here are some cost examples for various LVT projects:

Nature’s Touch Flooring

  • Materials: $5–$7 per square foot, depending on brand and quality differences

  • $3.50 base rate per square foot for installation, which includes all prep work, underlayment, leveling and grouting
    • Labor rates can range up to $4–$7 per square foot, depending on how much work is needed. With labor and higher-end LVT, the cost for materials and installation could be up to $12 per square foot.
    • Labor beyond just laying the vinyl includes transitions, retucking adjacent carpet, pulling appliances in and out, floor prep, leveling, sanding and more.

Right Step Flooring

  • Total project cost for 1,700-square-foot installation project: $2,500

    • Project included installation of LVT (@ $1.47 per square foot) on top of recently installed ceramic tiles the customer did not like.

    • No leveling or prep work was needed, and the project took four days.

    • Customer saved $5,000 by having the LVT installed on top of the unwanted tile rather than tearing it out.

Sheet vinyl

Sheet vinyl is typically the most affordable option and is installed by rolling it out onto a prepared floor. Nature’s Touch Flooring charges $2 per square foot to install a floating vinyl floor if no prep work is required. The installation price can be as much as $8 per square foot if the company has to tear out existing ceramic tiles or wood floors and perform other prep work.

Minimum service fee

Some flooring contractors charge a minimum service fee to cover their time commitment to one customer’s job over other customers, business overhead and other costs associated with installing vinyl flooring. Not all contractors have a minimum service fee, so be sure to inquire. Nature’s Touch Flooring charges a $1,000 minimum service fee for vinyl installation jobs.

Written contracts should clearly define the scope of work, including what areas of a home or business property will be covered, what prep work will occur, and what brand and style of vinyl flooring will be used.

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