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Homes, apartments, multiunit buildings and commercial spaces all benefit from security camera installation. Security cameras record activities as well as offer real-time viewing of homes and other properties. Cameras provide child safety and protection of a property’s perimeter. They enable property owners to safely interact with people who ring the doorbell, to keep a watchful eye on of items of value (such as art or jewelry), to surveil the home and property while on vacation or at work, and to deter crime.

Home security professionals install cameras, camera monitoring systems, remote camera viewing access systems, window and door sensors, motion sensors, and more. Property owners can prepurchase cameras and security systems or have the pro provide them. Installation can involve just one camera for a specific location—such as a front porch—or multiple cameras around a property, covering as many doors and windows as customers would like.

Cameras can be wired or wireless, and they can be placed indoors or outdoors. Features include motion activation and the ability to live stream footage to a personal device. Video footage can be captured and stored using a digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR). Several cost factors affect security camera installation.

Hourly rate

Some camera installation professionals charge an hourly rate for services. An hourly rate may apply to repairs, installation on smaller projects, wiring an individual camera, installing a system that a customer bought separately from the security company. Rates can vary based on level of expertise, skill range and regional labor costs. Here are a couple examples of hourly rates:

  • Connection 1 in Waterford, Michigan, one technician: $45–$65

    • Each additional technician: $20–$40 per hour
  • HomeTheaterLA in La Verne, California: $125 for service fee and first hour of labor (within 30 miles of the Rancho Cucamonga area)

    • Each additional hour: $85

Per camera

Some companies charge a set price for standard camera line installations, which involves running wiring and cable lines to power and transmit a video feed. These set fees are generally for labor only and do not include the cost of the camera. Hi-Tech Installs in Austin, Texas charges $100 per camera line installation.

Monitored systems

Home security companies offer monitoring for a monthly fee, which usually includes 24/7 assistance, a function to notify the police when the alarm is triggered, and sometimes video hosting of camera feeds in a cloud database. Monitoring can be much more comprehensive for higher priced packages. Connection 1 charges the following for entry-level installation and basic security monitoring:

  • Installation: $99 one-time fee, with higher pricing for more complex systems

  • Monitoring: $20 and higher monthly fee, depending on the level of service desired


Customers can purchase an entire security camera system from a home security company, which usually includes the equipment and installation, as well as special rates for ongoing monitoring. Prices vary, depending on the specific equipment installed, the extent to which the property is wired with cameras and the level of complexity of the project. Here are a few examples of packages from Surveillance Made Affordable in Fort Worth, Texas:

  • Entry-level package: $1,000 + tax, including installation, four 2-megapixel cameras, four-channel 1080P DVR system, which stores a video feed that is cabled to the DVR from the cameras, and a two-year warranty on parts and labor

  • Mid-range package: $1,800 + tax, including installation, eight 3-megapixel cameras, eight-channel 1080P DVR and a two-year warranty on parts and labor

  • Top-level package: $2,200 + tax, including installation, eight 3-megapixel cameras, eight-channel NVR, which receives recordings of video feeds without cables—the information is transmitted by internet connection so the NVR does not have to be cabled to the cameras—and a two-year warranty on parts and labor.

License plates

Adding a license plate recognition (LPR) camera to a home security package will increase the total project cost. Reading license plates requires a special camera that can capture the image despite the reflective nature of license plates. These security tools are best for entry gates at homes, offices or commercial properties to track who is coming and going.

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