Robert Cerone

About this pro

True North Music School is conveniently located on Rt.3 in Newtown Square, PA. We offer free introductory lessons. We have modern and progressive teaching methods. Our music lessons are designed to aid children and adults of all ages, to make learning music enjoyable, and to practice more effectively. We also help to master difficult songs and instrumental parts, i.e., guitar solos/rhythms, keyboard parts, bass lines, drum riffs, etc., with ease and to develop and prepare for stage performances or just personal satisfaction. Our music session topics include: ~ develop inner pulse ~ learn rhythm as a language ~ develop internal sense of timing and play like a pro ~ sharpen riffs and phrases ~ help to practice smart not hard ~ develop muscle memory ~ develop coordination and fluency ~ learn the art of looping ~ master your riffs ~ isolate trouble spots ~ learn the Hendrix/Chopin technique ~ learn your favorite songs by ear ~ provide gizmos and gadgets of modern technology to aid with quick fixes and to decode even the most difficult songs ~ learn the secrets of small phrases to develop your musical ear ~ learn the art of modern song writing ~ learn about song structures ~ learn principles of lyrical writing ~ learn tricks and tools to develop your inner songwriter


Newtown Square, PA 19073
Coverage Area for Robert Cerone is about 30+ miles of Newtown Square, PA.