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My work provides you with a simple, stress-free, budget appropriate option for getting heirloom/print ready photos of yourself, your family or your product while allowing you the option to donate a portion of your sitting fee to the charity of your choosing. As a parent you will never again have to stress about squeezing family photos in, taking the kids to the portrait studio, convincing your spouse to join you for photos. As a business person, you will never again have to deal with fussy, pain-in-the-rear, "I know what is best" photographers. I work directly with your team to fill your photographic need as it currently exists. I love forming new and lasting connections with my clients, becoming a part of their life story. There is nothing more rewarding that being able to be someone's "personal" photographer and filling their photographic needs from their corporate product, to their family photos, the children's weddings, "special" photos for their spouse and watching the cycle both repeat itself and branch into the lives of friends and co-workers. My work is about empowering people to actively display how wonderful who they are and what they do in this world really is.


Bellingham, MA 02019

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