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Most dog trainers do not understand or practice dog psychology. In my opinion dog psychology is just as important, if not more so, than the training itself. By understanding how a dog thinks and learns it becomes much easier to teach them. It is also much easier for a dog to learn commands when the trainer knows how a dog naturally thinks and learns. I always recommend that people confirm their trainer uses positive reinforcement (but not treats), and that the trainer understands at least basic dog psychology.


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  • Paul D. Oct 4, 2015
    my 4 month old pit bull was unruely . biting ,barking, ,he thought he was the boss . no more. sits , lays down and chills . walks are a dream, even in traffic , barking dogs . own your dog and home again . pauldrummond , Forney tx.
  • Jodi L. Mar 24, 2014
    We never knew our dog was no proper or trained until Chris got with her. He worked miracles with her. Our dog is a boxer - so everyone knows the energy that comes along with that.. Our friends even say I liked your dog before, but I love your dog now. She is so calm, and respectful as well as alert. She walks well on a leash (I thought walking ahead of me was normal) NOPE now she walks beside me and waits for me. She doesn't jump on my or anyone else anymore. She will wait for us, she will sit calmly and give plenty of distance. He even taught her some off leash so she can walk out side with us WITH OUT A LEASH.. CHRIS THANK YOU.. you are a true GIFT FROM GOD! You will always be our trainer and anytime we need to board her.. she will come to you!! THANKS CHRIS!!
  • Jessica W. Feb 18, 2014
    Travis and Chris were both very helpful from the beginning and eased my fears of leaving my puppy with Chris. At drop off, he immediately picked up on several things about my dog that I didn't even have to tell him. He told me how he would training her and explained a little about dog psychology. Chris sent me updates periodically and even let me visit. When I picked her up, Travis and Chris both went over several things with me and made sure that I was confident in keeping my puppy in a healthy state of mind. She came back so happy and very well behaved! I love that I can still talk to Chris and ask him questions. Even though he hasn't seen my dog in weeks, he can still help me.
  • Jan M. Oct 28, 2013
    We met Chris one evening and our Mia, who was 5 months old greeted Chris at the door with negative behavior. He said a couple of things to her and she stopped her behavior. This lead to another conversation and I asked him to come back for a training session. Chris came back and spent time with Mia and she learned a lot. She is a big girl and I had no idea how to handle her. This has made our lives easier. She behaves so much better. She is still learning but Chris is a God send. He is wonderful. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.
  • Kim And Martin H. Sep 10, 2012
    We decided early on that we wanted to get our adopted puppy training. After interviewing several different trainers we decided to go with Travis and we couldn't have made a better decision!! He was great. Our puppy Brutus came back from his training and he was the most well trained puppy I have ever encountered! We always get compliments on his demeanor and how well he listens. He is always the bet dog at the dog park and the teachers at doggy day care absolutely adore him. Even after we moved we were able to call Travis with some questions about Brutus (that is our puppy) and some new behavior and he was more than helpful and informative. We would highly recommend Travis to anyone looking for a dog trainer.
  • Karleigh W. Aug 9, 2012
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    From the moment Travis walked in our house, he was already helping us! He was able to shed light on how our siberian huskies were communicating with us. We spent most of our time working on walking our two dogs. I'm very happy to say that on just my second time working with the dogs on my own, i was able to walk them at the same time. I am 9 months pregnant, so walking one hadn't been enjoyable. Travis taught us how the dogs pick up on my body language so they have stopped trying to be pack leader as much. I love the positivity of the training, it is definitely something i can and will stick with. He was prompt, caring, thorough and affordable. We will definitely call him again and recommend him to our friends.
  • Harry H. Apr 26, 2012
    If you have watched the "Dog Whisperer" on television, and you like the way Ceasar trains unruly pets, then by all means choose Precious Treasures as your pets training facility. My half lab half Australian cattle dog Marley, was generally a good dog, although she was not perfect. She had problems being around other dogs, and would sometimes tend to be overly aggressive toward them. She also felt that all visitors were coming to see her, and she would become excited whenever other people were around. After searching various websites for local trainers, we chose Precious Treasures as our site of choice. I called Travis and made an appointment to see if he could help. From the moment he meant Marley, we knew we had made the right choice. I'm not going to tell you it was easy leaving Marley with Travis for 30-days, but now, 2-months later, it was well worth it. The techniques he uses are very humane, no beating, no yelling, no treats for obeying. Just a simple approach that with consistency teaches your pet who is in control. We could see improvement with each weekly visit, and on her final day, my wife and I received about an hours worth of training to make sure we understood how to react to various situations. The difference in Marley has been fantastic. She has become the dog every person dreams of having. From basic commands to proper leash etiquette; it is absolutely amazing, and as far as the issues she had prior to training, well, they are now non-existent. What else can I say; the cost is affordable to everyone, and the results will exceed your expectations. As a side benefit, our (rather hyper) Boston Terrier is following Marley's lead, and beginning to obey various commands. Do yourself a big favor, give Travis a call, meet him personally, see how he uses his techniques with the dogs in his pack, before you decide on a trainer for your pet. Harry Hassell Forney, Texas
  • Cullianne M. Oct 23, 2011
    All we can say is WOW! Travis is awesome. We were at our wits end with Storm and Bolt; now a 9 month German Sheppard and a 2 year old Sheppard/Heeler mix. I have been a rescuer for 15 years with Chihuahua’s and have rehabilitated numerous Chihuahua’s. But, when it came to training a large breed puppy I was clueless. We had many issues; digging, chewing, running off, chasing cats, litter box snacking, dog/stranger anxiety and eating the cats food off the counters/table, food bowl issues. I couldn’t take them both on a walk at the same time. My husband and I decided to look for a trainer with board and train. I made many calls, researched many and checked out fellow rescuer’s recommendations. The instant I talked to Travis I knew he was the one for us. His prices are VERY reasonable. His methods are spot on. We took Storm to him and a week later we took Bolt. Travis uses dog psychology – no treats or clicker; which is what we wanted. I could tell the difference after just one week. I was able to visit every week and called Travis several times during their training. This was very comforting because our dogs are our children. Travis also trained us in what to do, in order for us to be the pack leader. Our dogs are so much calmer and easier to handle. We have had to call Travis a few times since we have been home for “you won’t believe what they are doing now or I just can’t seem to get the same response as you did…” He has been very patient with us and reassuring in his advice. We plan to board Storm and Bolt with Travis when we go on vacation. We are very happy with the outcome, two large dogs that were/are trained and more balanced. Travis is/was an answer to our prayers. I take the dogs to the dog park almost daily and get many complements about their behavior. When I see a frustrated owner I walk over and say, “I have a wonderful trainer….” Thank you so much, Kevin and Cullianne McClearen
  • Michelle D. Oct 1, 2011
    Travis' knowledge of dog training and passion for animals is unmatched. The change in my dog is day and night and I would absolutely recommend his services for anyone that desires to bring out the best in their dog/puppy. He runs a very smooth and clean operation at a very reasonable price. I am very happy with his services.
  • Lori R. Jul 19, 2011
    Travis is awsome! He trained my German Shepherd and my Rottweiler. My Shepherd needed basic obedience training and she now hangs on my every word. My Rottweiler was strong willed and sometimes aggressive. He is now a very enjoyable part of our family. He obeys my every command, is calm and does not show a bit of aggression! Travis has a positive energy with the dogs and taught me how to have that same energy. I highly recommend that you have him train your dog too. He is the only dog trainer that I found that guarantees his training for the life of the dog. That should tell you something right there.
  • Steven C. Jul 18, 2011
    Travis Drake is a life saver for us and our dogs! We have to travel often and need a place we can trust to board our boxer and toy poodle. We are so grateful we found Travis Drake and Precious Treasures Dog Training. When our dogs arrived the first time they felt right at home with the other animals. Travis takes a personal interest in the dogs he boards and trains. They aren't just a "number" to him! He takes care of each pet as though it was his own, and you can be assured that they are in a safe environment, receive personal attention, and love! I would recommend that anyone leave their pets with Travis to board or train! He does a fantastic job!