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A cowboy humorist and storyteller who has been described as the person Baxter Black wishes he was. Bob can entertain your audiences with his true to life stories which will enthrall, enlighten and keep your audience laughing. Bob is an old student of the horse and cow. If needed, he can educate people on horsemanship and cattle handling techniques and entertain in the evenings.


Van Horn, TX 79855

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      Bob twists the tragic moments of cowboy life into gut wrenching, tear jerking laughter. Whether it is being hit by lightning, run over by a bull or be stuck with both arms inside a cow with the cow standing on him, his stories are both authentic and funny. As he puts it, "There is no sense in checking to see how ya are because its going to change...One minute you're standing there, and the next second you are lying on the ground thinking "That was a bright flash....what am I doing...OH...must have been too close to the lighting!" Bob also teaches low stress cattle handling from horseback. Whether it is for working cowboys to improve their skills, or corporate executives to learn how their actions affect those around them, these classes instill an awareness for those who take them.
    Coverage Area for 2lazy4U Livestock & Literary Co. is about 150+ miles of Van Horn, TX.