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Hi! I'm an award winning, seasoned photojournalist who uses his story telling skills to create a photo reportage of your day. I'd like to tell you a little story of why the photography of a wedding, or any personal milestone is so important. In February of 2010, I went to Haiti in the weeks after the historical earthquake that destroyed much of that country. One day , I met an interpreter named Junior, a bright young man hired by members of the press corps. Junior is a sweet soul, unassuming, slim, soft spoken, kind. I asked Junior if he had a car for work. He said "No, I sold my car to bury my wife." He asked if I wanted to see his wedding pictures. Reaching from his wallet he pulled out three small pictures of he and his bride. There they were, she was so beautiful in her white dress. Smiling. Happy. Junior was handsome in his tuxedo. They smiled and looked into the camera. Well I was beside myself. And Junior reached out and said "It's okay, it's okay." I looked at his wedding day photographs in his calloused hands, and he was so gentle with them, carefully placing them back into his wallet. This is why the photography of a wedding is so important. It matters. It's sacred. There are people gathered together who may never see each other again. The rings, they only go on but once, there is only one cake cutting, one first dance. When the day is over, the photographs remain, they are the anchor to your memories.


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