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Ninety-two percent of the online population visits a search engine, portal or community site every month, and top search engine rankings can generate up to 900% more traffic to a site translating to up to 80% more in sales. Can your site afford not to be found? Search engine marketing (SEM) is about increasing your website's visibility within the search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO), one facet of SEM (the other is paid keyword campaigns or PPC), is the process of consistently fine-tuning your website's components, in order to improve its natural organic search engine rankings. With major search engines growing and changing literally daily, you benefit from an experienced and dedicated search engine optimization company who understands the most current organic optimization and paid search campaign management techniques. If your site is not listed in the top 2 pages of a search engine, chances are, you are missing out on traffic, visitors and sales. Our SEO services include: * Keyword research and selection - Identifying the best keywords to use for your search engine optimization given your products or services, your target audience, your points of differentiation and your competition * Keyword rankings - Securing your search engine rankings prior to SEO and then tracking them over time * Quarterly SEO recommendation reports - Specific instructions on how to improve your website, in order to achieve better search engine rankings * Auditing - To ensure our recommendations have been implemented and done so correctly * Manual submissions - To search engines and search directories In addition to standard search engine optimization services like detailed keyword research, web site assessments and SEO recommendations, we are also adroit in competitive analysis, broken links analysis, XML site maps, HTML coding and programming, securing highly qualified and relevant links for link popularity and in-depth reporting analysis. In addition to our SEO packages, we can provide social media optimization services like content distribution and placement, SEO of press releases and blog or online video consultation in support of your SEO objectives. We also have a growing expertise in international SEO. Our website analysis report will detail flaws in site structure, source coding, navigation and content and make recommendations for improvement. Similarly, we can undertake the same kind of analysis of your competitors' sites. Our competitive analysis comparison report notes things competitors might be doing better or worse than you, features they offer, how they fare in search engine rankings, the number of links into their site they have, and any other significant issues. PPC campaign management: Here are just some of the services we provide with our PPC campaign management: * Detailed keyword research - Choosing effective keywords is among the most crucial components of developing an effective CPC placement strategy; without identifying the best terms that are most likely to direct qualified traffic to your site, your campaign can fall short of its goals. We will research, analyze, and gather estimated costs, clicks and impressions for keywords, using a proven process that will ensure that the final selection of terms will optimize your campaign's success. * Campaign set-up, ad copywriting and position maintenance - Setting up a PPC campaign is not as simple as it may seem. There are many variables that the inexperienced marketer may not even think to consider: competition and positioning strategies, budgeting, match types, search and content syndication and ad copy testing, to name a few. At Raje Media, your campaign will get genuine human attention; we'll get your PPC listings up and running, ensure that you retain the position you want to achieve, while simultaneously controlling your click costs. * ROI tracking, performance reporting and campaign optimization - Perhaps your existing keyword campaign is generating great traffic, but yielding poor sales. How well informed are you about your campaign's performance, in relation to how much it is costing you? With a focus on ROI, we will track your campaign from click to transaction, providing you with detailed reports on and analysis of the performance of your terms, identifying and removing poorly performing keywords, and seeking new terms, if existing ones fail to meet your expectations, whereby we can identify new means of generating revenues for your company.


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