Js Salvage And Scrap

About this pro

Hi. Need to get rid of unwanted junk, broken down cars? Do you have land that needs clearing, firewood need delivered? These are just a few of the jobs that I do. Here is a list of the other jobs that I do: Logging. Dig basements. Stump removal. Dig ditches. Haul away unwanted junk and broken down vehicles. I do cut and deliver firewood. Lawn mowing. Dozer work. If you have any other job that you need down and it is not listed here, just call and talk to me about it. Ask for Jeff. It depends on the job as to how much it costs and I do have an hourly wage for anyone working for me.


Port Hadlock, WA 98339
Coverage Area for Js Salvage And Scrap is about 55+ miles of Port Hadlock, WA.