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About this pro

What sets me apart fom the rest of th people in myline of work is that i do it all because i love the art, the reactions, the compliments, and the satisfaction of livening up the city. Other people do it for the money or the fame. I dont really think you can put a price on creativity. And as for fame is over rated. I knw who i am, and thats good enough for me. What i enjoy most about my job is that i have the ability to create art that everyone can see and enjoy and criticise. I love when people tell me wat the think weather it be good or bad. It all goes to makng me a better artist. But the number 1 most enjoyable part of my job is the look on peoples faces when its all said and done.


Seattle, WA 98177
Coverage Area for Creative Cans is about 40+ miles of Seattle, WA.