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Milwaukee, WI

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How does your business stand out?

UNLIKE ANY OTHER CONTRACTOR IN SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN. STREAMLINING THE ROOFING INDUSTRY. NO PRESSURE Homeowners should only experience replacing a roof on the home once in their lifetime. The truth is..replacing a roof is not that exciting... ...and you certainly don't want to be pressured into having a three hour long conversation about roofs when you just want the job done timely and properly at a fair price. That's why we are no-pressure contractors. Leave all the legwork to us. HASSLE-FREE It's never been this simple. *Give us the project address. *A Roof Consultant will assess the roof within 24 hours.* *We will email you a full detailed proposal that's 100% accurate and easy to understand. *No contractor jargon. Straight to the point details that will give you a peace of mind. *During the installation process you can continue your busy schedule and leave everything up to us.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

We take great pride in giving homeowners a level a service that is unheard of in the remodeling industry. By providing quality lifetime roof systems without a pressure-filled sales pitch, we leave our homeowners stress free, without worry, knowing they have a durable roof system they should never have to replace again.
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Milwaukee, WI 53224

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What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?
Unlike most contractors in the industry, we don’t play any pricing games. We won’t “magically” discount your project by “thousands” of dollars for “advertising discounts” if you “sign today”. Our prices are straight forward and simple. Our materials are about 33%, our labor is about 33%, and the company needs about 33% to keep the doors open and continue growing. We WILL NOT be the cheapest price you find, but we promise a fair price for a Durable Roof Solution that should never have to be replaced again.
What is your typical process for working with a new customer?
Once we receive a request for a quote from a homeowner you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule a time for one of our roofing experts to inspect your project. Once the inspection is completed you will receive a detailed, easy to understand quote within 48 hours. Should you be unavailable while the inspection is completed, we can schedule another time for our roofing expert to stop by to review your quote and show you samples by request. Once you decide to move forward with the project you can either digitally sign your agreement and mail in your deposit, or we can schedule a time for our roofing expert to stop by, sign the agreement, and pick up the initial deposit. Once the paperwork is signed you will be placed onto our installation schedule. Typically, most projects are installed about 2 weeks after paperwork is signed. Most projects take 1-2 days to complete once the work has started. The remaining balance is then due upon completion after the final inspection is completed.
What types of customers have you worked with?
We work with all different kinds of homeowners and businesses. We’ve worked with residential homeowners, commercial business owners, churches, hotels, municipalities, people selling their homes, people purchasing homes, owners of income/rental properties, etc…
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Take the time to do your homework and really know who you’re working with. Just because someone has the cheapest price certainly doesn’t mean they provide quality materials, installation, or service afterwards. Just the same, just because someone has the highest price doesn’t necessarily mean they have the best quality materials, installation, or service afterwards either. The key to a proper roof system that will last you 50 years is finding someone with a fair price, good quality materials, good quality workmanship, good reviews, and is willing to stand behind their work no matter what at no additional charge to you. Remember, it doesn’t matter what kind of shingle or materials you use, if it’s not installed to manufacturer specifications, you will have NO WARRANTY. Make sure whoever you use DOES NOT sub-contract their work to avoid this from happening to you.
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
1) Do I only need a repair or does my roof have to be replaced? 2) Does my roof need a complete tear-off or can I add another layer of shingles? 3) Is my contractor only installing new shingles or are they installing an entire new roof system? 4) Does my contractor have their own installation crews or are they sub-contracting the work? 5) Is my contractor licensed and certified? Do they have insurance? Do they have workers comp? 6) If my roof got hit with hail or damaged in a storm, is my contractor able to help me work with my insurance company to replace my roof with a proper roof system? Is it legal for a contractor to try to cover my deductible? 7) How many layers of shingles do I currently have on my roof? 8 ) Do I currently have a layer of cedar shake shingles as the first layer on my roof? 9) Does my roof need to be re-sheathed with 7/16" OSB decking if I currently have a layer cedar shake shingles on my roof? How much will this add to the price of the project? 10) Will my contractor go into my attic prior to quoting my roof to make sure I don’t have any rotted roof decking, moldy decking, improperly ventilated exhaust fans, or inadequate insulation? 11) If my contractor finds rotted wood, will they replace some rotted wood for free? If not, how much will they charge to replace rotted wood? 12) Is my contractor going to use a minimum 3' of ice & water shield or 6' of ice & water shield? 13) Is my contractor going to use a full roll of ice & water shield down the middle of the valleys or piece two sections of ice & water shield together? 14) Is my contractor going to use cheaper 15 lb. to 30 lb. underlayment or use waterproof high-performance synthetic underlayment? 15) Is my contractor going to install new gutter apron? Will they use galvanized metal or painted aluminum? 16) Is my contractor going to install new drip edge (d-edge)? Will they use galvanized metal or painted aluminum? 17) Is my contractor going to install new valleys? Will they use W-style valleys? Will they use galvanized metal or painted aluminum? 18) Is my contractor going to re-flash my chimney with new metal flashing? Will they use galvanized metal or painted aluminum? Will they properly tuck the new metal flashing into the chimney? 19) Does my chimney need to be tuck-pointed or need the chimney cap to be replaced? Can my roof contractor handle the chimney work or do I need to contact a chimney specialist? Is it less expensive to have my contractor complete this while they’re installing my new roof system? 20) Is my contractor going to install an older style 3-tab shingle or a designed starter shingle to seal down the perimeter edges of my roof? Will they install starter shingles on both sides of my valleys? 21) Is my contractor going to use the minimum 4 nails per shingle or use 6 nails per shingle? 22) Do I get an upgraded wind warranty if my contractor uses 6 nails per shingle? 23) Is my contractor going to re-install pod vents on my roof again or upgrade me to ridge venting? If upgraded to ridge venting, will they use cheaper rolled ridge venting or solid 4’ plastic ridge vents? Will they use a nail gun or properly hand nail the ridge vents? 24) Is my contractor going to cut and use cheaper 3-tab shingles or use designed hip & ridge shingles on all hips and ridges? Will they use a nail gun or properly hand nail these shingles? Will my contractor caulk and seal the nail heads or leave them exposed? 25) Is my contractor going to use a good quality shingle? Do I want a standard architectural shingle or do I want an upgraded designer shingle? Are designer shingles a lot more expensive than the standard architectural shingles? 26) What kind of warranty does the shingles come with? 27) What kind of warranty does the roof system come with? 28) Does my roof come with a labor warranty? 29) Does my contractor perform free annual roof inspections after my roof is installed? 30) Do I need to obtain a permit for my project or will my contractor take care of the permit? 31) Do I need to pay for the dumpster? 32) Do I need to replace my gutters and downspouts when I replace my roof? If so, can my contractor help me replace the gutters and downspouts too? Is it less expensive if I replace the gutters and downspouts when I replace my roof?