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Introduction: Hi there! We help amazing couples like you feel like you just met again for the first time:). If you and/or your partner are experiencing one or more of the following... - Having a hard time connecting with and expressing emotions like anger and sadness… - Craving deep intimacy, connection and trust with one another - but also are afraid to get hurt... - Having a hard time communicating... - Not being intimate as much as you used to be... You're 1,000% in the right place!! After working with us, you will experience: - Deeper connection and meaning in your relationship than you’ve EVER felt! That little spark of magic between you is BACK!:) - SO MUCH SEX! Oops... - A never ending flow of effective communication! Imagine always hearing your partner and being heard every day (we got the tools!!). We can't wait to see how we can support you! We ask kindly for all of us to be considerate of each others time - only request support from us if you're both in a place where you're 100% ready to make a financial commitment to the relationship together as a team. I.E. not trying to fix things in one call (bandaid). Our solution is a long-term solution to the challenges you're experiencing, not a quick-fix. During our time together, we get to the root of how each partners' shadow is impacting the relationship & how you can support yourself (and partner) for life with each of your own shadow work. We can't wait to see you both completely transform in front of our eyes!!:)

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This pro effectively teaches relationship skills through self-awareness and communication techniques. Customers appreciate the pro's professionalism, responsiveness, and the long-term value of the tools they receive. They also praise the pro's ability to adapt to individual personalities and situations.

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Cierra B.
Mar 18, 2023

Hired on Thumbtack

Hired on Thumbtack

Wow! Josh and Jacyln are the best! They saved our relationship. Their totally unique and original method of counseling is better than anything I’ve ever done! I’ve been in counseling my whole life and have experienced many types of counseling/therapy/psychology like EDMR, dbt, cbt. My fiancé has never been to a single counseling session in his life! Because he felt safe and encouraged he is having breakthrough after breakthrough. It has been incredibly powerful! We chose the “return to love package” (which is the all in option- a weekly counseling session, which is individual as well as a couple, on alternating weeks. Plus this includes daily mon-fri mentoring. I work with Jacyln and my fiancé works with Josh. We can send voice messages, venting, sharing wins, asking questions, help with a disagreement… it’s been invaluable) We each are growing and learning about each other, our communication has improved completely and I trust my fiancé again. I’m amazed with how effective they are. They are an Exceptional couple! Josh and Jaclyn are beautiful and genuine people, i completely feel the love and care from them both. J&J Counseling value is priceless, & best thing I could’ve signed up for. Went from too much fighting and deception to trust and love and being best friends again. Biggest blessing in the world! I’m so grateful! Highly recommend! - Marriage Coaching's reply
Wow wow wow!!! Thank you thank you Cierra!!! We’ve loved every second of serving you both & thank you so much for your trust in us, yourselves & this entire process. You’ve been amazing to work with & again, THANK YOU so much for all the kind words in this testimonial. We receive!:)
Marriage and Relationship Counseling
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Jan 26, 2024
Josh and Jaclyn are very real, and understand what points need to be touched on. Our sessions felt more like a conversation between friends that helped us with our core issues. The tools they gave us have worked in many situations, and our relationship is thriving because of it. Thanks Guys! - Marriage Coaching's reply
Wooh!!! Was an honor serving you both brother, thanks again for being soulmate clients & we're so glad to see you both thriving!:)
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Wendy S.
Jan 25, 2024
Josh and Jaclyn were great about adapting their style to our personalities, being more aggressive when we were reluctant and were very intuitive. They give you tools to use not only in your marriage, but also to improve yourselves individually. They are kind, funny and empathetic! - Marriage Coaching's reply
Wooh!! We loved serving you both so much & thanks for the compliment Wendy!:)
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Jennifer & Andy B.
Jan 21, 2024
My partner and I were in a dark place. I was convinced we were doomed and were past the point of repair. If I were to give advice to someone who was in a relationship like ours had become, I would say GET.OUT.NOW. For nearly a year and a half we were fighting and insulting one another on a regular basis. We would go days without speaking. We said terrible things to one another that can’t be taken back. There was lying, screaming, betrayal and cheating. Trust was something that didn’t exist. We were at a point where the only two choices we had were to get help or split up. I was skeptical because of multiple bad experiences I had with counseling in the past. It wasn’t like that with Josh and Jaclyn. They are real and don’t pretend to be a perfect couple. They are relatable and brutally honest. My partner and I laughed, cried and yelled at one another during our sessions and not once felt judged. Even when it wasn’t time for our weekly session, Josh and Jaclyn were available to offer support. At the end of 12 weeks my partner and I ended up stronger and having a better understanding of one another. Trust is being rebuilt and we communicate in a much healthier way. I learned how important it is to sometimes just fall on my sword because it’s really not about the dishes. After working with Josh and Jaclyn you will understand exactly what that means. Going through the program was life changing. Hear me when I say if the program helped us then it can help anyone. Thank you Josh and Jaclyn! - Marriage Coaching's reply
Wooh!!! We loved every minute of serving you both & were so happy you guys stuck with it & now get to experience the FUN part!!:)
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Michelle A.
Mar 2, 2023

Hired on Thumbtack

Hired on Thumbtack

Working with Josh and Jaclyn has been absolutely life-changing!! My boyfriend and I both have generational trauma that has been passed down. We had such a toxic relationship. I'm not kidding when I say everything was a trigger subject for us. There was absolutely no communication before these two came into our lives! We have been thru so much therapy and nothing was working. Gaslighting, defensiveness and completely shut down. We were so close to breaking up and giving up relationships in general for good. After only a few sessions we were both completely different people!!! These two have such an amazing way of talking to both of us. We've never been so open, so heard, so hopeful. It's been such an unbelievable experience. If you're tired of feeling broken, unseen and hopeless give Josh and Jaclyn your heart and trust them because they will no doubt transform you. If they can help my boyfriend and I, they can for sure help anyone!!! - Marriage Coaching's reply
Awww thanks so much Michelle!!:) we’ve loved getting to watch you both completely transform right in front of our eyes. Nothing better than the feeling of seeing you guys go from cross-armed with each other on our first call to now being so mushy & lovey with one another on our calls!:) Thanks for being dream clients!
Marriage and Relationship Counseling
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