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Emeryville, CA

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I take a lot of time and care to get to know my couples as individuals and as a couple. What are your backgrounds, beliefs, your story together. Who is coming to the wedding and the best way to welcome them. I want your guests to feel that they have gotten to know you in a much deeper way just by coming to your wedding. For my custom ceremonies, I will have a short conversation with each of the couple and ask them about the other. I weave that into the ceremony and keep it as a surprise. It's a very moving moment when you hear what your spouse has to say about you. I take tremendous care in translating all that information when I write the ceremony. Just to make sure, it's exactly as you wish, I will send you a first draft so that you can refine and revise it in any way you wish. ONe last, but very important, way I do my work - I make sure the process is easy and enjoyable. I intend to take all stress out of the equation as we create a ceremony for the wedding.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I can serve people at a very important moment in their lives and offer them a wedding ceremony that they will love! It's enormously gratifying. I also like being around all that happiness and love on a daily basis. It is wonderful, wonderful work!
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Emeryville, CA 94608

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19 Reviews
  • Michael B. May 31, 2017
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Could not have asked for a more special service. We highly recommend Ceremonies for Sacred Days.
  • Sandy R. Oct 31, 2015
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Ms. Littlefield helped us write a perfect, personal wedding ceremony and vows. She was a delight to work with, and offered excellent suggestions. In performing the ceremony, she was a calming and spiritual presence and composed the perfect opening message. I give her my highest rating and recommend her without reservation for your special day. Sandy
  • Jennie D. Jun 2, 2015
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Shyamala was such a pleasure to work with. Our first time meeting with her she asked such gentle but thoughtful questions--and felt so safe--that I remember weeping while I tried to answer one of them. My (now husband) and I were immediately struck by her calm demeanor, her depth of presence, and her desire to really connect with the two of us and know our story and who we are as a couple. My husband is an aetheist and I'm "spiritual but not religious" and Shyamala did an excellent job finding common ground for us both in the ceremony. We had two meetings with her over tea at her lovely home, where we went over the details of the wedding, the structure, our story, any any other rituals we wanted to add. We had our readers send their material to her (but keep it a secret from us), and she communicated with them directly to keep the wedding day a bit of a surprise. One of the most fantastic things was that she sent us a complete write-up of the ceremony a couple weeks before the wedding, which we went over, gave comments, and then sent back. Almost all of it felt so spot on in the first go--we were really touched and impressed. Finally, the day of she was just fantastic. We got so many compliments on her way of speaking, her warmth, the way she spoke about us during the ceremony...it was so incredibly intimate. We are SO happy we had Shyamala as our officiant and HIGHLY recommend her.
  • Lindsay C. Apr 25, 2015
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Shyamala was really a pleasure to work with for our impromptu wedding! She took time out of her day to get to know our story and hold a lovely ceremony on a beach in Sausalito with 10 of our friends. She was at ease, and by coincidence, she also married our best friends a few years prior! I couldn't believe that she joined both my husband and I, as well as some of our closest friends. She came with an open-hearted spirit and held a wonderfully peaceful ground for our little ceremony. Our son was dressed in a knight's costume and serenaded us mid-nuptials : and it didn't phase Shyamala... we all embraced the humor and had a great time! Thank you, Shyamala, for joining us together!
  • Nicole N. Dec 10, 2014
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Shyamala was wonderful from the moment we met. She welcomed us in her home, was very warm and easy to talk to, and very organized as well. There was a folder waiting for us on her dining room table, facing our direction, before we even sat down. She was open to our ideas and wanted to do anything she could to make our day extra special, including our request to change the wording of the traditional parts to better suit us, since we were two brides. Closer to the wedding date, Shyamala wanted to get to know us better so she set up a telephone visit. She was genuinely interested in our whole love story, and wanted to use what she learned about us to write up a draft of our ceremony. We had the opportunity to review it and she made us comfortable with making any changes we'd like. On the wedding day, she arrived early, had a calming presence, was very reassuring for us nervous brides, and she did a WONDERFUL job! We had emailed her our vows separately (to keep them a surprise to each other), and she had them printed out on thick cardstock (which helped disguise our shaky hands), and with large font (to be easier to read especially through the tears welling up), and our vows were neatly stowed away for easy access in Shyamala's binder. Bottom line: we had no doubts about Shyamala and her abilities, and she lived up to our high expectations. She was wonderful and I can't say enough good things about her. I would recommend her to ANYONE looking for an officiant.
  • Leon J. Jul 7, 2014
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Shyamala is the best possible person we could have asked to officiate our wedding. Despite never actually meeting her (we used Skype twice) she new exactly what we wanted, tailored it to us, made it personable, and was flexible. She defiantly made a lasting impression that we will never forget. I highly recommend her to officiate your wedding!
  • Jennifer P. Jun 23, 2014
    We had a wonderful experience with Shyamala as our officiant. She helped us create a lovely ceremony and provided valuable suggestions. We were impressed with her delivery of the service, her ability to improvise, and her professionalism.
  • Tony A. May 20, 2014
    Mrs. Littlefield was a wonderful wedding officiant. She was punctual, friendly and very patient and flexible with us. She did what she promised, helped us with our vows and put together an entire ceremony that was perfect for us. We would highly recommend her.
  • Gregg F. May 14, 2014
    Residing in Houston, we wanted a small private service in San Francisco. Shyamala couldn't have been a better choice. She interviewed us over the phone, included all of our requests and even provided her home as a venue. She is a warm and welcoming person with a very rich past so she can offer a deep experience to an exciting day.
  • Stacy S. May 12, 2014
    Great Experience. Shyamala helped me and my husband create a very memorable wedding ceremony. I found her on yelp, and here I am reviewing on an amazing experience. Since we live in Texas now we arranged a Skype meeting with her and she was so warm and friendly. We instantly knew that we wanted Shyamala to marry us. We explained to her that we didn't want a religious ceremony, instead we wanted a spiritual one where we used our love as a message to our guests. And she came up with the most amazing draft that brought tears to my eyes.. I absolutely appreciate every touch she added to make our ceremony unique and memorable.
  • Shannon W. May 12, 2014
    Shyamala was amazing! My husband and I planned our wedding in two weeks and Shyamala was extremely helpful and willing to make our ceremony perfect. She was not only great at what she does, but you can feel the sense of compassion and love she has in her heart. The ceremony was beautiful and SO perfect. The way she put it all together, the way she delivered and the expression of happiness on her face throughout the ceremony put me at ease and kept us both smiling the whole way through. Everyone loved her and thought she did an amazing job. I would HIGHLY recommend her, you will be so happy to have her at your wedding. Thank you Shyamala, you are amazing!
  • Sarah H. Feb 5, 2014
    Choosing an officiant was not simple for us because we aren't affiliated with a particular faith. My husband's parents are, but did not feel it was important for someone from their faith to officiate for us. So I scoured the internet for local officiants with great reviews and moderate fees. This was how I came upon the delightful Shyamala. Shyamala helped us SO much in preparation for our ceremony. First, she invited us to her home and was such a loving and open presence, which was a great help to a couple like us who really had few ideas about what we wanted to say in our ceremony. After our first meeting we met a second time so that she could get to know us more personally to gather material for what she would write. After that we corresponded via email. Over the course of about 6 months leading up to the wedding, Shyamala was a wise and comforting support for us! Using her tools and suggestions, my husband and I were able to collaborate and customize the ceremony in a way that felt magical. Shyamala led us through the actual ritual with total grace and flexibility. I recommend her service wholeheartedly and if we were to do it all over again, we would not change a thing about our experience with her.
  • Barb H. Feb 3, 2014
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Personable, warm, flexible, professional, supportive, clear communicator, exceeds expectations, fully accepting of same sex couples. Simply awesome!
  • Jill C. Dec 29, 2013
    Shyamala, was a joy to work with. She helped us prepare a wedding ceremony tailored to us. She really captured our personalities through her words and our wedding ceremony was perfectly suited to us. Our wedding would not have been the same without her! We have received several comments on how heartfelt and touching our wedding was. We live in Colorado and Shyamala was very easy to work with in preparing our wedding ceremony. Just moments before we started she was able to add a few lines that really gave life to our setting. Her demeanor and way with words make for the perfect officiant for any wedding.
  • Jodi O. Dec 27, 2013
    We had a winter ceremony on a Cliff overlooking the ocean. It was cold and windy and Shyamala was completely open and flexible with the experience. We are pretty low key, and yet the ceremony was meaningful and lovely. Symamala was very helpful in developing the ceremony and providing many options for readings and vows. A wonderful and personal experience with an clearly skilled and experienced officiant.
  • Lucky A. Nov 16, 2013
    Shyamala added so much grace, calm, and elegance to our vow renewal ceremony. From the moment we met her for our initial consultation, she was warm, caring, and extremely perceptive. She called us back when she said she would, she emailed the script to us when she said she would and was so very professional. She had so many great ideas make our ceremony meaningful. Shyamala was even willing to perform the ceremony on the Sonoma Coast! Super cool! (Thankfully the weather was good on our special day) We are so very happy that she was available and provide this review with the highest recommendation possible! Thank you Shyamala!
  • Princess V. Nov 7, 2013
    We are so glad to have Shyamala on our wedding. Picking a wedding officiant is one of the biggest decisions we have made, and Shyamala did a wonderful job in making our wedding ceremony a very personalized one. She helped us so much in writing our wedding ceremony and vows, and she was there all the time to answer all our questions and she responds quick and very clear. She is very professional, and she arrived early on our wedding day. We are very pleased with the service and we hope she continues her passion for weddings because she really does a wonderful job.
  • Pamela D. Sep 12, 2013
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Shyamala performed an amazing wedding ceremony for our special day. She captured our spirit with perfection and even included the majestic redwoods trees that surrounded our beautiful venue. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
  • Tim G. Dec 10, 2011
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    With 1 day notice Shayamala was able to personalize our ceremony and make it something really special. Highly recommend her as wedding minister.


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