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Fontana, CA

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Not only does it work, but it is also superior to conventional carpet cleaning. We use very powerful natural cleaners that can deal with even the most soiled carpets. Those natural cleaners, coupled with the most powerful equipment, allow us to carpet clean safer and better than the competition. If green carpet cleaning works as good as the alternative, why doesn't every carpet cleaner do it? We can't speak for the other cleaners, but we choose to be green because it is simply the right thing to do.

There are more and more quality green cleaning products entering the market, making it easier to be a green carpet cleaner. This enables us to use green products in all aspects of carpet cleaning from our spotters to pre-sprays, degreasers, rinses, and deodorizers; you name it, and it's green. We don't believe in carrying one green cleaner, so we can call ourselves green. We believe in providing a truly green carpet cleaning service from start to finish!


Fontana, CA 92335

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5 Reviews
  • Ron K. Mar 27, 2015
    I love family owned businesses such as ones like these! I have gone with the bigger guys and although their businesses are bigger, you just don't get the same interaction as you would with small owned businesses like this. I felt like these guys really comprehended where I was coming from. Because of the excellent communication I felt like it translated right onto my carpet, and my carpet came out wonderful when everything was said and done! Support good small businesses such as this one right here! You will not regret their work.
  • Antonio J. Feb 16, 2015
    The work could not have been any nicer -- these guys worked really hard in trying to make us happy and they succeeded. We are cat owners and they shed all night and day so it is pretty impossible to keep up with all of the cleaning. By the time these guys were called, we were living in fur den!!!. It had looked like a cat and their friends through a part in oour home. It's just amazing how much cat hair was pulled from our carpet after the cleaning. There was so much cat fur that you could've probably made a cat fur coat! Thanks for the service!
  • Henry P. Feb 11, 2015
    The owner of this company cares about customer satisfaction, you can tell that he takes it serious. If there are any issues; let him know and he is extremely proactive in resolving any issues. It is great to know that it is easy to get scheduled in for an appointment with these guys. I have went ahead and used their services two times and twice I have had both my appointments scheduled within 24 hours. Thats nice. They had really went through every length in assisting me in making sure that I was a satisfied customer. I appreciate all of the effort and the helpfulness; especially when I needed the clean up as quick as possible the second time around! Quality service, quality business!
  • Adel H. Feb 8, 2015
    This company is seriously just the best!! I have my younger brother rooming with me and he is not exactly the cleanest of people out there! I wish I could paint you a picture for how dirty this carpet was! We couldn't have it replaced because we just cannot afford that right now; but with the cleaning which was done it almost looks as if the carpets were indeed replaced! Great job you guys! You guys have my gratitude for the job well done!
  • Maria P. Feb 4, 2015
    I will go ahead and keep this one short, sweet and to the point. if you want your carpets to look BRAND NEW + you want to receive great customer service, give these guys a call! I had called around different companies and no one would show up for 2-3 days!! I called the guys up at ______ and I was able to get squeezed in at the end of his busy evening! Great people to work with, great work which was done and just a great company overall! Not many great companies like this exist! Thanks for your amazing services, will be giving you a call very soon!