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Apartment cleaning covers a range of services including a one-time deep clean, one-time light cleaning, cleaning on a recurring basis, or cleaning for move-in or move-out purposes. Apartments may be one-room studios or have five rooms or more. Several factors affect the cost of apartment cleaning services. Most apartment cleaners don’t have set prices but instead charge variable rates based on the particular services required.


The amount of time a cleaner spends working on an apartment is one of the largest determinants of cost. The more hours spent cleaning, the higher the cost.


Repeat customers generally pay less per visit than one-time clients. Housecleaners usually have less work to do per visit and can maintain a certain level of cleanliness, cutting down on time spent. Also, the lower price per visit is a way of rewarding customers for their loyalty.


Rates may increase as the number of bathrooms goes up—moreso than the number of bedrooms. Bathrooms, kitchens and floors are the hardest areas to clean and will affect costs the most. If you really want to cut costs, skip having one of those three areas cleaned.

Standard clean

A light clean is often classified as a "standard clean." The apartment has been maintained and there are not deep levels of grime and dirt that the professional needs to remove. Fees are generally less expensive for recurring standard cleanings as opposed to a one-time standard cleaning. Here’s H2O Professional Cleaning Services’ pricing for standard cleaning:

  • Recurring cleaning of a two-bedroom apartment: $100–$150, depending on the frequency

  • One-time regular cleaning for a two-bedroom apartment: $150+

Deep clean

Deep cleans help when an apartment is very dirty, recovering from a party or in preparation for an event. Prices can vary greatly, depending on the level of work required. Apartment size does not necessarily dictate cost. The highest cost charged by H2O Professional Cleaning Services was $250 for a deep clean on a 700-square-foot apartment. They cleaned inside all the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, inside the oven and fridge—every inch of the apartment.

Move-out apartment cleaning

Fees vary by service provider, region and the amount of work required to complete the cleaning job. Generally, costs will be higher than a standard clean. Most cleaners don’t set specific prices for move-out cleaning because a 700-square-foot apartment may be much dirtier than a 1,000-square-foot apartment that has been better maintained. H2O Professional Cleaning Services has move-out cleaning fees that start at $150–$180+ for one or two bedroom apartments.


The city or town where the house cleaner is located will affect their pricing. Regions with a higher cost of living, including most large cities, may have higher house cleaning rates than smaller towns and more rural areas.

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Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you.