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If you want to learn music in a fun and supportive atmosphere, Learning with Lynda is the way to go! Lynda is a talented multi-instrumentalist, performer and composer with decades of experience on her instruments. Learning music can often be challenging or intimidating, but Lynda makes the process enjoyable. She tailors the pace to the individual student to ensure he/she develops a life-long interest in music, whether learning piano, flute, voice or music production.

Detailed description of Music Instruction Offerings:


Piano is a gateway instrument. Learning piano can open the door to learning other instruments with greater ease. The frequency range of the piano covers most instruments and continues to be an important first instrument for many.

Beginning piano students start with the Alfred Basic Piano series which is grouped into 6 levels. Adult piano students follow a similar path using the Alfred method in 3 levels. Songs and/or books from the Faber method are often used or substituted. Both methods are widely used and provide a steady increase in difficulty, incorporating a variety of styles of music.

At the same time, students learn music theory through supplemental Alfred theory books. More intermediate students use the Julie Johnson method of music theory used by music teachers the world over for its clear, concise, and repetitive approach to learning the basic skills. Advanced beginning students start learning all the major and minor scales, harmonized scales in triads, and basic chord progressions around the Circle of 5ths at their own pace until completion. Knowledge of the building blocks of music can lead the way to improvising, playing by ear, and composing, which is open to any student who shows interest. After students achieve a basic reading level, they are encouraged to bring in popular songs or any tune he/she would like to learn.

Lynda likes to teach the blues form, which is a popular music style with a basic chord progression that beginning piano players can understand. Knowledge of the blues form paves the way for improvising and learning jazz, as well as other popular styles of music.


Beginning flute students are often part of elementary, middle or high school band programs and seek to broaden their skills and work on band music in private lessons. Sometimes, the group lesson environment offered at school, if at all, does not provide enough one-on-one training for students that need a little extra attention.

Lynda works with students and uses a variety of the band methods, like Yamaha, Essential Elements or Accent on Achievement to coach beginning flute students through the basics. A great deal of time is spent on embouchure, breath support, pitch/intonation and working on developing a clear tone on every note. This learning curve is different for every player and has to be achieved before tackling more advanced flute music. There is a vast repertoire for flute depending on the interest of the student.

After the basic technique and band methods are completed, there are easy to advanced classical music books, often with piano accompaniment, included. There has been a proliferation of pop, film music, and jazz song books in the past decade for flute for students more interested in that direction. Many books now come with a CD or DVD, so that student can play along with a complete backing track. Not only does this help the student get a better sense of their part, but also provides training for working with other musicians in the future and staying in time or in tempo.

Lynda often works on flute duets with her students and has working knowledge and experience on the most basic duets to the most advanced, like Kuhlau. Advanced students also play scales and etudes and learn various extended techniques and tone studies with methods like the Trevor Wye series. Adventuring into the world of improvisation is also encouraged.

Beginning Guitar

Lynda teaches basic guitar playing using the Alfred Basic Guitar series and the Progressive Rhythm Guitar method. The Alfred series focuses first on single note or melodic playing with a steady progression into strumming chords, while the rhythm guitar method starts with learning chord shapes, strumming techniques, and various chord progressions. After learning the basic techniques, notes, and chords, more advanced teachers can be recommended for students who wish to continue their guitar studies. Many piano students have shown interest in learning guitar after a few years of studying piano and found that they can pick it up rather quickly.

Basic Voice Instruction

Lynda has studied voice with a few teachers over the years and also worked with other seasoned singer-songwriters on finding her voice through collaboration. She often uses warm-up exercises from Anne Peckham's The Contemporary Singer and elements of Speech Level singing technique which has a heavy emphasis on developing a full, smooth range through various repetitive vocal exercises and scales.

Every one has strong and weak ranges to their voice. With practice and attention, everyone can find their strong vocal ranges, as well as start to identify and work on expanding what is possible individually. Students interested in developing their voice should have an idea of what songs they want to learn and bring those to the lesson. Basic vocal technique can also be incorporated into piano lessons.

Digital Recording/Composition Using Software Tools

Lynda has produced several albums and has experience with every phase of the recording process, from the brainstorming and songwriting phase to recording, arranging, mixing, and preparing recordings for release. She can also assist with online marketing through social networks, consult on studio equipment, and consult on various music distribution companies for budding artists.

Digital music recording is an exciting, ever-developing field. Learning the ins and outs of a basic recording set up, even on the project studio level, can be daunting. Recording and software instruction can be tailored to the individual needs of each student. You can learn how to use a software sequencer, like Pro Tools, Reason, Ableton Live or Garageband, as well as learn how to compose and design your own samples and sounds.

It all depends on the type of music you want to make. Instruction works best if you have the software, a good computer, a keyboard controller that plugs into the computer via USB, and at least a good pair of headphones, so you can review and practice at home. You may also choose to work on your compositions during lesson time. After a couple months of learning the basics, you could be well into making your own music tracks.


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7 Reviews
  • Irene P. Jul 3, 2016
    Flute Lessons (for adults)
    Verified Review
    I couldn't be happier. Lynda's teaching style, wealth of knowledge, and totally fun personality is a perfect fit for me.
  • Noah W. Apr 9, 2015
    Flute Lessons
    Verified Review
    Lynda is wonderful with my daughter and very helpful. Highly recommendable.
  • Julia T. Sep 18, 2014
    Lynda is a wonderful teacher in so many ways. I played piano for about 5 years as a kid, and at 19, regretted quitting and decided to give it another go. I couldn't have chosen a better teacher. Lynda is not only extremely knowledgable and talented when it comes to music, but she is the most patient teacher I've ever had (especially compared to those I had when I took piano as a kid) and she actually encourages her students to play music they like. I really love her teaching style and improv exercises; this is the way music was meant to be taught!
  • Charlie E. Sep 15, 2014
    There are a few reasons why I consider Lynda to be a very good teacher. First, Lynda immediately showed an ability to listen and provide lessons customized to my needs as a student. I'm a musician and she has been respectful of my own ideas while being eager to provide me with new musical tools on piano that I am enjoying using in my music. I should also mention we have done our lessons over the internet, as I'm on the east coast and she's on the west coast. We haven't had any issues regarding the remote sessions. I'm also sure she would be good with students who are new to music and would provide a structure conducive to learning. I've enjoyed learning from her and I've also enjoyed our conversations regarding creativity, songwriting, and her receptiveness to any ideas of feedback I have. She's a very good teacher and a good person. If she wasn't, I wouldn't be working with her. To me, it's that simple.
  • Peter S. Jun 25, 2013
    Both my daughters have taken lessons with Lynda since there were seven years old (they are now teenagers). In asking my daughters what they like about Lynda they talk about the friendship that has developed over the years, of how Lynda knows their strengths and weaknesses and adjusts the lessons accordingly. While Lynda has lesson books she works from with the girls, she has also be open to pop songs the girls want to play, knowing it keeps the girls interested. The one critique I have of Lynda is the lack of a yearly recital. The first years we were taking lessons there were the annual recitals, but there has not been a recital in several years. It would be nice to have the recitals back.
    Lynda A. Jun 25, 2013

    Thanks so much Peter! I have really appreciated having Ella and Mary as my students for so many years. They've become great musicians. I hear you about the recitals - I'm bringing them back this Fall. At least one at the store and hopefully one in Oakland again. The problem has been finding a good space (for free) as the previous venue has not been available for recitals. :)

  • Steve W. Jun 23, 2013
    I started with Linda after my retirement, having never played any instrument. She has been supportive, patient, and has personalized my lessons to fit my learning style. After three years, I look forward to both practice and lessons, thanks to her efforts.
    Lynda A. Jun 25, 2013

    Thanks Steve! I really admire the effort and practice you are putting into the piano. And it's paying off!

  • Erdy M. Jun 23, 2013
    Lynda has been a wonderful, patient, and understanding piano teacher to our son for over eight years. With Lynda's help, we've seen how our son has greatly developed his skills and self-discipline over the years. He now aspires to obtain a degree in music once he enters college next year. Thanks again Lynda for all that you've done! Erdy & Jen
    Lynda A. Jun 25, 2013

    Thanks Erdy & Jen - Gabriel has blossomed into a wonderful musician. I've enjoyed working with him!


What types of customers have you worked with?
I work with my students on reading music, understanding music theory, improvising, and how to transition from a music reader to an improvisor. Many of my young students have been with me for 5 years or more and I've coached them from the beginner level all the way through advanced. I also enjoy coaching people on audio software, composing music digitally and giving people insight into how using music technology on the iPad can help them understand how the music making process works.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
I am looking forward to working with you on achieving your musical dreams! When you contact me, please let me know what you are looking to learn and how I can help you the most.