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My name is James Slit and I have developed a dynamic approach to learning the guitar that will instill and enable the student to play an entire song on his instrument in one month's time (after initial consultation/evaluation). The one factor that seems paramount to developing the drive needed to continue through the gruelling "practice period" is the incredible feeling you get when you can actually play a well-known song on your guitar in front of anyone! If you're asking yourself whether or not you have the ability to play, then stop asking the wrong person! Let me decide with you, by completing my initial program evaluation. My straight forward talk and honest appraisal is what you need to hear regarding your natural ability. If the light is green, meaning my evaluation suggests that you are a good candidate for this program, then the rest is easy and completely up to you. My program is not time consuming and difficult to learn. Conversely, it is the industry's first choice in low-cost high-results guitar instruction. That's the short end of it. If you're interested in learning the awesome gift of guitar playing, then get to a phone and call me now!


Riverside, CA 92503

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