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About Picture Your World Photography

hired 3 times on Thumbtack

Picture Your World Photography is a Denver-based studio owned by lead photographer Sheba Wheeler who specializes in photojournalistic weddings, portraits and event coverage.

Sheba's style blends 15 years of journalistic skills gained as a lifestyles reporter at The Denver Post with creative and contemporary portraiture to capture your real-life experiences. She specializes in candid photography which focuses on spontaneity and the magic of the moment. The resulting imagery is unposed and unplanned, immediate and unobtrusive, and focuses on spontaneity -- the magic of the moment.

But if clients prefer traditional poses and studio lighting, Sheba has the skill set to satisfy that desire as well, and personalize a client's experience based on his or her needs.


Denver, CO 80239

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  • 5/5 stars

    I've had the chance to know and work with Sheba on many occasions. Wonderful woman, outstanding photographer! I had been overseas for a year and had no time spent with my family of four and their mother. Sheba worked with me online to set up a shoot and worked with my family. She has a knack for getting people to play and be themselves. The pictures I received were more than just photos of people. They contained the personality of my family. They were processed quickly and we had regular communication as that was important to me at such a distance.
    Those photos have been a comfort to me while so far away from home. Thank you for your work and time with them Sheba.
    I highly recommend these services!

  • 5/5 stars

    Sheba was a delight! She made me feel so at ease during the photo shoot. I am thrilled with how my photos turned out and would definitely recommend Sheba.

  • 4/5 stars

    Sheba was professional and fun! She made you feel very comfortable and relaxed. The pictures turned out great.

  • 1/5 stars

    Do not waste your time with Sheba. My husband and I had received a groupon from friends for Christmas, it had a expiration of 2015. We scheduled a photo session mid April of this year. We have yet to receive our photos. As with many other posts I've read, many promises made, none kept, and a pile of excuses. She sent me a text message August 4th stating "our groupon had long expired, but she redeemed it and did not charge us any extra. She simply wanted to do the shoot because those vouchers were a chance for her to meet clients, not gouge their pocketbooks." Oh really??? My mother-in-law has lung cancer and these pictures were meant to be a pick me up gift for her. We have since contacted a a "professional" and were thrilled with the results.


  • 1/5 stars

    Sheba the owner of Picture Your World Photography is an absolute thief and a liar. I would highly encourage people to not use her services as she is not professional and has absolutely no ethics or morals. Similar to other complaints about her we had our family photos done in November 2013 and she promised us our pictures in a couple of weeks. After NOT receiving our pictures my wife followed up with her via email and voice mail on many occasions and never got a response. In addition, I have sent her numerous emails and left her numerous voice mails with no response. I did receive an email over a month ago layered with a bunch of excuses and again a promise we would receive our pictures. Now almost 6 months later we still have no photos. I feel as if our family was robbed blind and had I known that she was a scam artist I would have went through someone else to have our photos done. I like to think I can trust people when engaging their services and apparently you cannot trust Sheba or Picture Your World Photography. She is absolute joke and needs to get out of the business of taking people’s money in exchange for nothing.

  • 5/5 stars

    It was a blast working with Sheba. I enjoyed her input prior to the shoot, and her input during. My session ran over time, but she was ok with that, and continued to make me feel comfortable. It was a very fun experience. I took these photos for my husband, and he is very pleased with the results. Due to illness and flooding, it took a while to get the digital images back, but I now have them and again, my husband loves them.

  • 4/5 stars

    Sheba took family pictures for us. We had a great time with her - the kids couldn't stop talking about what a fun time they had. She managed to capture their personalities perfectly.

  • 4/5 stars

    My experience with Sheba was definitely a positive one! I have never taken boudoir photos before and was extremely nervous. She made the experience fun, and something I would absolutely do again. Plus, I got a fantastic deal via Groupon.

    As other comments have indicated, Sheba experienced some serious health and flood-related issues towards the end of 2013. I completely understood that she needed a little extra time to deliver my photos. This was totally fine with me, because I wasn't in a rush and she did get back to me. I asked for my final pictures in time for Valentine's Day and they were delivered promptly the morning of!

    I would definitely recommend working with Sheba! Great experience!

  • 1/5 stars

    My family pictures were take Nov 2, 2013 for our 2013 family
    Christmas cards and presents. Today is March 18, 2014, and I do not have my pictures, nor an update as it when I will receive them. It has taken well over 5 mths and I do not have my pictures.

    Sheba W. from Picture Your World Photography replied to this review on February 9, 2014:

    Amy, thank you for your response to my services. I'm sorry you were unable to receive your images when you expected them. But as I informed you on several occasions in emails that detail our conversations, a serious pneumonia infection that lead to repeated hospital stays/trips prevented me from working and getting your product on time. You also received an email just this week updating you on my recovery process and expected return to work. I apologize for the inconvenience my illness caused you, and will work diligently to finish your images when I'm fully recovered.

  • 5/5 stars

    I had a photo shoot last spring and wow! What great shots Sheba got of me as well as me with my canine companion! She definitely has a way of capturing your essence, whether for a business profile, dating profile, family, wedding, or whatever you're seeking. I constantly get comments on just how awesome my photos are. I've also sent many of my clients to her to update their photo library as well and they are all amazing! She's got some great locations to use as well, that really added to the quality. Was also glad that I took advantage of her make up artist as well! The whole thing was a great experience.

    As far as Sheba's business side of things - I know she got behind after September's floods, as so many did. There will always be complainers out there who don't have the ability to see past their own needs. If Sheba took any time off last fall it was to put her life back together after one of the worst floods in Colorado history. I commend her for her resilience. I have recommended her to several clients and friends and will continue to do so.

  • 1/5 stars

    Don't waste your time! Sheba is a decent photographer, but a terrible business person. It was like pulling teeth to get her to reply to phone calls or e-mails. She constantly missed her deadlines and she never once took responsibility for any of it - it was always an excuse and a very half-hearted "sorry, but I was sick." "Sorry, I was on vacation for 20 days." Who as a business owner goes on vacation for 20 days and doesn't include an out-of-office reply so clients aren't left hanging? On two different occasions several weeks apart (and not on one of her alleged vacations), her voice mail box was FULL so that I couldn't even leave a message. Also, she initially scheduled our 1 hour outdoor photo session a half hour before sunset - we got it moved up a bit the DAY OF but we still ran out of daylight! That is a huge no-no in the photography world. I would never hire her again and would discourage anyone reading this from doing so, assuming you want to preserve your sanity and not be having to hound her constantly for your final product.

    Sheba W. from Picture Your World Photography replied to this review on February 6, 2014:

    Heather, thank you for taking the time to review my company. I'm sorry you had sub-par service from us. Coping with the aftermath of last's years' severe flooding which damaged my home and business often made it difficult to maintain our normal level of consistent customer service and communication with clientele. This year greater effort will be paid to stay in contact with clients no matter the situation. However, your statement that I was on vacation for 20 days is false. Last's year's flood damage made it impossible for I and my staff to take extended vacations, while mold caused numerous illnesses during our rebuild process. To compensate clients who had to wait longer for the delivery of their final product, many received all of the proofs from their session (often numbering between 150 to 300 photos) rather than just the dozen or so images they originally paid for. Please let me know if this is something I can offer you as well.

  • 5/5 stars

    Sheba is an incredible photographer. Her work is absolutely amazing. She did such a wonderful job with our son's newborn photos 2 years ago and since then we have used her several other times for our family portraits. She just took photos of our new baby girl and we are thrilled with them! Sheba is truly so talented and we couldn't me more grateful that we have used her to capture such special moments of our family. She does such a great job working with children. She is incredibly patient and kind. And I would highly recommend her to anyone!

  • 1/5 stars

    I was so excited to get our family pictures done and was so happy to meet Sheba. She did a great job with our kids and got some really great shots. However, we never received our pictures. She evidently had a family emergency and never contacted us. I had to contact her several times before she even texted me that I would get my pictures the next day (this was a month after having them done). I still did not receive them. I understand we all have things that come up but she has a business and took our time and money and we at least deserved to be contacted that we would not receive our pictures any time soon. I could have made other arrangements for family photos as these were supposed to be Christmas gifts. I find this very inconsiderate and highly unprofessional!

    Sheba W. from Picture Your World Photography replied to this review on December 13, 2013:

    Hello Jennifer, thanks for taking the time to review my services. I'm sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused you. The family emergency that plagued my family is recovering from the September floods that significantly damaged my house. The disaster has pushed back my production time from a normal 2-3 week proofing period to a month or more in some instances, while my household continues to mend and deal with flood after effects. Your proofs are now available for viewing and ordering within 48 hours after I communicated with you that they would be done. Please let me know if there is anything else you need.

  • 5/5 stars

    Sheba was absolutely amazing. I was referred to her from a friend of mine and from the moment I contacted her she was so nice and welcoming. I took my daughter to her to get senior portraits done and the entire experience was amazing. Sheba was super patient and had tons of ideas on how to get the best shots. She made my daughter feel like a super model. It was so much fun and the pictures came out looking amazing. I will recommend Sheba to anyone who wants fantastic portraits done. She is amazing and her work is absolutely amazing too.

  • 5/5 stars Verified Review

    Sheba is a professional. We have taken professional photos about 8 years ago. We found Sheba to be very creative in location and posing of the family. A great experience. Looking forward to seeing the proofs.

  • 5/5 stars

    It was amazing it was to do a photo shoot with Sheba. The studio where she shoots has a number of interesting settings, and I was able to do several clothing changes in a short time to get a variety of photos. We even did some shots outside. She and her friend Jett Middleton, a makeup genius, made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera, and that helped me let my fun side out. All of the photos turned out beautifully and I'm delighted I hired them both.

  • 5/5 stars

    I hired Sheba and Picture Your World Photography for a magazine photo shoot. We weren't using models, but real clients of our Matchmaking business. She did an amazing job of making the ladies comfortable, getting them to look natural, and got us some amazing photographs that we used in our ad campaign. Even though the girls weren't models, Sheba made them look like they were!

  • 5/5 stars

    When I found Sheba I was expecting some cute photos of my teenage daughter who simply had a pimple the day of 8th grade ID pictures and hated them.
    What I got was an amazing session, in a fabulous location (which I asked her to chose). She had my daughter and I laughing so hard we couldn't stop smiling for hours after we left. Her expertise on lighting and positioning made the photos turn out better than I ever dreamed.
    Keeping in mind that my sister-in-law and my best friend are professional photographers and were the first ones I sent the proofs to; we were all speechless to see what she'd done.
    The edited photos are not only all over our home, but all over the internet and I even had a special photo album made for my daughter to showcase Sheba's work. I will have every special photo session with Sheba from now until she can no longer hold a camera!

  • 5/5 stars

  • 5/5 stars

    Sheba's awesome! I've known her before she started with the Picture Your World so I feel confident to say I know her work best than [almost] anyone else. She always makes sure to impress me - and any of her clients by that matter - with her work. She has this "sense" for catching the right and best moments, making sure the unforgettable and sometimes unnoticed moments are immortalized by her pictures. And that's one of the qualities that makes her the best! So she doesn't only take good pictures but she catches all those moments that you wanted to be remembered plus those which you probably wouldn't have even noticed, making the experience more than amazing. If you want a high quality work, Picture Your World should be your #1 choice!!!

    PS: I'm not getting any discount for leaving a testimonial. I just truly love her work!

  • 5/5 stars

    I Love working with Sheba of Picture Your World Photography! She really knows how to capture your best and make ANYONE look beautiful. She also worked very well with my children and made them feel so comfortable that my son asked when he was going to take pictures with her again.

  • 5/5 stars

    I love Sheba because not only is she highly skilled, talented and experienced, but very easy to work with as well. She seems very dedicated to her work and to the satisfaction of her clients.

  • 5/5 stars

    Really friendly photographer with amazing skills, provides a great service and follow through. Sheba is caring about your needs and will always give you what you asked for. My 1st choice!

  • 5/5 stars

    Sheba did a photo shoot for us where she needed to help us make real clients look like models and she did an amazing job! She helped them all relax, look natural and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Our ad campaign turned out great and the clients looked amazing!

  • 5/5 stars

    Sheba works very hard to produce good photography and goes the extra mile to make her clients happy. I have observed her photography almost from the beginning of her career and have always seen how she puts her heart into it and how much energy she puts into it. I admire both her work and her work ethic.

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