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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How much does a handyman charge?

Minimum rates for handyman jobs typically range from $60-$100. Pricing will depend on skill and experience required for the job, as well as regional labor rates. Here are a few examples of average handyman flat rates:

  • Attic ladder replacement: $150.
  • Toilet replacement: $75.
  • Ceiling fan and light fixtures: $75.
  • Faucet replacement: $125.
  • Garbage disposal: $75.

A handyman performs general maintenance and repairs for residential and commercial properties. A handyman may charge a flat fee for standard services that take a predictable amount of time, such as installing a new appliance, as well as an hourly rate for larger projects such as digging out and replacing a rotted fence post. A cost-saving strategy when hiring a handyman is to bundle all the tasks you want them to do into one visit to make the most of any minimum service fees.

What do handymen charge per hour?

On average, you can expect to pay a handy person around $55 per hour. However, this cost can range between $35 and $80 per hour, depending on a number of factors. For instance, a handyman may charge a minimum fee of $50-$100 for small jobs that won’t take much of their time. The complexity of the job will affect the price as well. Your final price will also depend upon where you live, as certain regions have higher labor rates than others. 

Get in touch with a few handy people near you, and ask for free cost estimates.

What does a handyman do?

A handyman is a skilled laborer who provides basic home repairs. Anyone can call themselves a handyman, although most who do so are skilled with repairs and home projects. Reading reviews is a good way to determine their fitness for your job. The tasks a handyman can perform include assembling furniture, painting interiors and exteriors, repairing fences, repairing broken doors or replacing trim, hanging lights, hooking up appliances, and much more. Handymen may have flat fees for certain services, or charge an hourly rate. Handyman rates are often lower than those of a contractor, as they don’t have the same specialization. Some states have no limit on the work a handyman can perform, while others do. For example, California’s Building and Professions Code section 7048 (small operations) permits handymen to provide work similar to that of a contractor (floor installation, painting, etc.) provided the total cost of labor and materials does not exceed $500. A handyman is a great resource for minor home repairs at a lower cost than a licensed contractor, but for more complex projects, it pays to hire a specialized contractor. Fore more, check out our tips for smart hiring on Thumbtack.

Does a handyman need to enter my home?

In many cases, a handyman will not need to enter your home for outdoor repairs, but they’ll likely need to enter your home for indoor repairs. With the pandemic’s associated safety guidelines, it’s important that this only occurs for absolutely essential projects. Avoid any physical contact with the handyman if this is the case. Sanitize surfaces, and conduct payment through a digital platform like PayPal or Venmo. Be sure to contact your handyman and develop a plan before the job commences.

Is it worth it to hire a handyman?

It’s worth it to hire a handyman in many cases. For example, you should hire a handyman when the project’s size and scope make it challenging to complete by yourself. These projects may include major home remodels or additions, foundation work or electrical/plumbing/HVAC-related tasks. However, make sure the handyman has the proper credentials or license to perform the necessary work.

You might also want to hire a handyman if a contractor’s price is too high. Handymen often charge less than general contractors, but contractors typically have the required license to perform certain tasks.

And, lastly, think about the complexity of the job and the cost of future repairs. It’s worth it to hire a handyman when the project is complex. Doing something incorrectly can wind up costing more than hiring the pro in the first place.

Can a handyman do plumbing?

In some states, a handyman can provide plumbing services, but it may be in your best interest to call a plumber, particularly for issues more major than unclogging a drain or attaching a new sink. Hiring a plumber is important because mishandling your water and gas lines has the potential to do great damage to your home, your family’s health, or even the safety of your neighborhood. A handyman is not legally required to have any training or licensing in plumbing matters, while a licensed plumber has undergone years of education and on-the-job training. In some cases, homeowners insurance won’t cover damage caused by plumbing repair done by an unlicensed handyman.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, most plumbers learn their trade through a four- or five-year apprenticeship with 2,000 hours of paid on-the-job training. They also receive classroom education including “safety, local plumbing codes and regulations, and blueprint reading. They also study mathematics, applied physics, and chemistry. After completing an apprenticeship program, plumbers … are considered to be journey workers, qualifying them to perform duties on their own,” according to the DOL. Licensed plumbers should do continuing education to keep abreast of safety and technology changes. Poor plumbing can lead to sewage backups, a flooded home or even natural gas leaks, so it’s best to leave it in the hands of a specialized professional.

Do handymen offer remote or virtual services?

Because a handyman needs to be physically present to perform work, they have not traditionally offered remote or virtual services. However, if you come across handyman profiles that state they offer remote services, message the handymen to see what those services include.

Confer with your handyman to see if consulting over video calls is possible. The professional may be able to walk you through performing basic plumbing, electrical, HVAC and other types of repairs around the house. Compare the handymen in your area side-by-side online, and ask whether they’re willing to help remotely.

What’s the best way to set up a consultation or an appointment with a handyman during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Setting up a safe consultation or appointment with a handyman during the COVID-19 pandemic starts with comparing local professionals online. Message or call the handyman to ask about performing a consultation over the phone or, better yet, a video call. This will allow the handyman to assess the problem without increasing the risk of transmission by visiting your home. If the service is essential and the handyman needs to enter your home, you’ll need to take stringent safety measures for the visit. Discuss temporary fixes if possible, and come up with a plan for safety and digital payment.

Can I use digital payments to pay for handyman services?

Many handymen accept digital payments for work done repairing homes. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the urgent need for social distancing, this trend is likely going to increase. Handymen often accept payment through popular platforms like Paypal, Google Pay, Zelle, Venmo, Square Cash and more. 

Consult with the handyman before you begin work to ensure you’ll be able to conduct the transaction safely and in compliance with official guidelines.

Are there ways to be safe if I hire a handyman when social distancing?

If you hire a handyman, stay 6 feet away from the handyman at all times. If you have an indoor emergency and it’s considered an essential service, take extra social distancing precautions with your handyman. Do not make physical contact, stay at least 6 feet from the handyman, and exchange payment through digital services instead of cash or check. Talk with your handyman and agree on a plan in advance.

Reviews for Wilmington handymen
Elizabeth I.
He is doing an excellent job on all my needed repairs. I'm so glad I found a great handyman!
On Time Handyman ServiceOn Time Handyman Service
Carolyn B.
Marvin did great work in a timely fashion and at a very reasonable price. I will definitely hire him next time I need a handyman.
Philip Weiner (PW Handyman)Philip Weiner (PW Handyman)
Kelly G.
Germain was pleasant and highly skilled. He installed my new ktchen faucet and sprayer. My search for handyman services is over. I will surely call them again.
Sunny's ServicesSunny's Services
Olivia R.
Thanks so much for building my new stairs! They look great and they’re perfect for what I need. I highly recommend T&T Handyman Services and would definitely use them again. From the first estimate to completed job was only about six days, an amazing turnaround.
T&T Handyman ServicesT&T Handyman Services
Karen j.
Cosmic Handyman demo and renovated my entire property in Delaware. It was great working with Dwayne and Kimberly. They were very respectful and easy to communicate with. They left no mess. The clean up was on point. I would definitely hire them again and recommend them to anyone. Here are just a few picture to show. Thanks again guy!!!! Karen
Cosmic handyman LLCCosmic handyman LLC
Monika M.
Marvin did a great job for us on several odd projects involving drywall, ceiling, electrical, plumbing, trim... his prices are very fair and we certainly recommend hiring him. He is the most reliable & punctual handyman I have worked with who shows up when he says he will every time.
Leslie E.
I needed flood lights replace on a second story roof, as I didn't own a tall enough ladder. Walter responded to my request, agreed to the job and replaced the burnt out bulbs that day! I will definitely call Walter for any of my handyman needs. He was prompt, courteous and professional. I recommend Walter whole heartedly!
Thumbtack Customer
Jack is excellent! I hired Jack to do some handyman work in my home. He is prompt, clean and reliable. It can be a nerve racking venture to hire someone you have no knowledge of. However Jack has done an excellent job and is well trusted. I would recommed him for any and all of his services. Great guy!!
Your Pet's Best Friend, LLCYour Pet's Best Friend, LLC
Thumbtack Customer
Michael Keith provided excellent handyman service for five separate tasks over two visits for a total of 7 hours. This did not include his personal time researching how to install a grab bar on a one piece bathtub fronted acrylic and fiberglass wall. He ordered the kit required to fit onto the grab bar in order to attach it to the stud behind the wall. His initiative was impressive and deeply appreciated. He hung several pictures, all of which required the use of a ladder and precise measuring. He also figured out that a kitchen island stool needed tightening of loose screws. Finally, in a matter of minutes, he installed two shelves in a closet armoire. Throughout, Michael worked in a calm and knowledgeable manner, explaining what he was doing. His hourly price was reasonable and of value. I was very pleased with the work he did and highly recommend him to Thumbtack clients. I would use his services again in the future. Theresa Ware
Keith WoodworksKeith Woodworks
Vivek W.
The phrase ‘Miserable Disappointment’ is too kind to describe my experience with Tyler & his friend, Angel. There’s just one reason these two have earned 1 star on Thumbtack, and that’s because there’s nothing lower to give them. Short version: Cheap liars, petty scammers, stunningly trashy individuals who should never be let into any respectable household. Long version: I engaged their services over 2 weekends, and I’m wishing I hadn’t. Over the course of 2 days, they managed to completely disgust me. I was disgusted so much, I called Thumbtack support to check if I overreacting. But they agreed that my concerns were valid, and asked me to submit this review. So, here it is. I first got a quote from Tyler via Thumbtack, when I reached out to handymen looking to help get my apartment setup. I had just moved from FL to DE, and there was a lot that needed to be setup. On top of that, the leasing office at my new place hadn’t got some shelves put up as requested, so I needed that done as well. Tyler quoted the job at $60 per hour, or $400 per day for the both of them. So I hired both Tyler and Angel for a day. For a day. Meaning I didn't engage them for a specific job, but for the whole day. So they were expected to do as much as possible during that day, and if necessary, I'd bring them in another day. I had a list of things I needed done, and since I was engaging them for a day (or more as necessary), I didn't give specifics of items via text. I would explain in person anyway. On the 16th of March, they were supposed to show up by 9:30 AM. They actually showed up by 2:30 PM. Tyler explained that he had to take care of a couple other jobs, and got late because of that. He did assure me that 'he'd take care of me'. I got the impression that he didn't know how much work was necessary, but didn't make a fuss. They were ready to work, so I wasn't going to hold them up. I did hear that they hadn't had lunch yet, so in a moment of kindness, offered to buy them pizza. Angel asked for chicken wings, and I ordered them too. I also gave them free run of my fridge, to take as much soda as they want, all so they won't work on an empty stomach, and will finish the work as they were hired to do. They didn't. By around 7:30 PM, they started to get antsy, and without checking with me, and without finishing the work they were tasked with, they started getting ready to leave. When I questioned why they were leaving so early, Tyler declared that the work day was a total of 8 hours, and he wasn't going to stay at my place till 10:30, since he had a long drive back. I asked them to finish at least a couple of tasks so I'd be able to sleep more comfortably (since this was a new apartment, I didn't have curtains. Also, the shelves were filthy and I asked them to lay shelf liners), and Tyler started a line which would be repeated throughout my experience with him. "You keep on adding stuff!” I didn't understand why he thought that was a valid complaint. When someone is hired for a day, it's so I have work for the day, and expect them to spend that day doing what they were hired to do. But I didn't press the point. Tyler genuinely looked exhausted, and I didn't want to demand that they spend any more time staying here, especially when it was obvious that they were too tired to do any worthwhile work. It was a loss for me, as I ended up paying a full days wage for a little more than half of the day, but I chalked it up to simple bad luck that Tyler was tired out by his 2 other jobs. At that time, I didn't think about why Tyler took on two other jobs that day, when I had hired them for the whole day. I felt bad that they had got so tired that day, and also, I felt that I had treated them shabbily that day, judging from their reactions. So I made a point of hiring them for one more day, so they can finally finish everything. Only this time, I expected them to be here early, so they won't start the day tired. Tyler didn’t answer my calls at all, and I needed a confirmation quickly so I can hire him or anyone else to continue the work in the apartment. Which is odd, seeing that Tyler has no problems taking calls while on the job in my apartment. He finally sent a short text confirming for that Saturday, the 23rd of March. On the 23rd of March, they arrived on time, at 9:30 AM. And they started work immediately. And then things started to go wrong. They were working separately, and then Angel needed some help with the bookshelf he was assembling. Guess they weren't as great at their job, because the both of them sat down & took about 3 hours to finish it. I didn't make a fuss again, since it IS an intricate bookcase, and I was more interested in a job well done that a fast job. And then, I offered to get them lunch as I did before. They readily accepted, and happily got to eating, while also complaining about how "there was too much stuff on here, man." That was a trashy way to behave, complaining about lunch I offered to buy for them, but I still didn't make a fuss. Only Angel said it, and he was saying it quietly to Tyler. I thought it was a super cheap way to behave, but I'll just not offer to buy them lunch again. It went downhill from there. At around 2:30 PM, they started to get antsy again. Tyler & Angel hurriedly started getting dressed, and I stopped them again, asking why they were leaving so soon, especially as Tyler had said that a 'day' of work was for 8 hours. Tyler said that it included the drive back and forth, which he had not mentioned till that moment. I finally got angry at this behavior. I told them clearly that I expect them to finish the work they came over to finish, and Tyler again started the same line, "You keep on adding stuff!” Tyler immediately and readily got set for an ugly argument, and pulled his phone out to show the original list I had sent, and claimed that was all he was going to finish, and nothing more. The list included 'misc. stuff around the apartment', which they weren't going to finish. And Tyler claimed that I had promised a full days wage for a half day's labor, which I never did, and which he has no right to expect. He took on a very whiny, bratty tone for his super passive aggressive response, which isn’t a good luck on a 14 year old brat, much less a 30 year old supposed professional. On top of this, Tyler was also taking a damaged dresser I was throwing out. It cost $1000 new, but the movers had broken it while bringing it inside, so they were replacing it. And I was throwing the old one out. Tyler had expressed an interest in it, and I was glad to let him have it for free. It’s a good dresser, and I'd rather see someone use it rather than simply see it go to waste. Tyler complained that I hadn't emptied the dresser for him, while he was busy taking it apart to take it home. He also said, not for the first time, that if I wanted more work out of them, I should have hired them for the hour, at $60 for the both of them. Finally, both of them, muttering and cursing under their breath, took their jackets off again and set to completing the remaining jobs. They didn't finish them because even after knowing the nature of the job, they hadn't come with the proper tools for it. So that's another day wasted. As they were finally packing up, Tyler took on a shade of decency and explained that the reason they were so angry was because they had planned to work just for half a day, and had made other plans already, for which they were going to be late now. So, there it was. All the ugly arguing and lying and complaining and whining had been because they had thought they were going to get more money for less work, and couldn’t stand that they actually needed to do the work they were hired to do. And that meant, the offer for a ‘day’s work’ had been a scam. If they say a day’s work, they should perform a day’s worth of work. Doesn’t matter what the actual work was. Tyler’s claim that I should have hired them for $60 just reinforced my opinion that the whole ‘day’s worth of work’ thing was a scam, and the vulgar behavior they both displayed was to see if they could push me to hire them again for an hourly wage, and possibly run the rate up as high as possible by dragging their feet over the day. Finally, after being patient for so long, I finally had enough. I told them to finish what they were doing, and get out with their free dresser. After all of this, without a single trace of shame, Tyler shoved his hand out for a hand shake with a big smile, and said how it was good to see me again. It was a breathtakingly disgusting display of shameless pettiness and outright, repeated lying. All in all, I lost about 5 hours of labor while paying for 16 hours in total, and they didn’t even finish the job. I had to hire another Handyman to finish the job they should have finished on those 2 days. I wasted money, didn’t get the job done, and they didn’t even do a good job on what they did. The last jobs they did? They did them in a hurry because they wanted to leave early, and left it in a shabby state. Now my computer desk has paint chipped off its surface, and my shelf lining is crooked because of these two. I wouldn’t hire these two again. And these two left such a bad taste in my mouth after dealing with them, that I won’t even allow them into my apartment again, even if they promise to do anything for free. My hearty recommendation is to never hire them again, even if they are willing to work cut rate. These two give the term handymen a very bad name, as they weren’t handy to any degree. I fully expect a very trashy response to this review. That’s all you can expect from people as trashy as this. I’ve taken the precaution of blocking him on my phone, so I won’t have to listen to any toxic nonsense from these two, and won’t be responding to any responses to this review either. Never hire these two. Ever.
Carvers Construction LLC.Carvers Construction LLC.
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