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About this pro

I am a graphic designer that creates unique and personalized graphics for clothing, websites, posters, tattoos, bands and books. I have a portfolio of previous work and I am skilled in Photoshop. I draw, sketch, personalize and photoshop all designs from my point of view. If it is a personal design for a client then I take in their details and provide an artistic twist or edge that really makes the design stand out. Give me any idea and I will turn it into a masterpiece with flare and style. I am most fond of creating posters and personalized tattoos. I charge 10 an hour for the work, materials and designing it will take to make the graphic art. If the process takes longer than 8hrs then I charge $25 per day. However, I am very fast paced when it comes to work and will negotiate prices depending on the type of design and work required to complete it. I am very energetic, outgoing and friendly. Most of all I have an eye for style, a talent for artistic perspectives and the determination to make my graphics and your designs the unique and amazing art it is destined to be. All work I complete is put into my portfolio and adds to my experience and talent. I hope to make your designs part of my collection and most of all let you have the opportunity to show off your design with a professional appeal. I am providing a link to my current graphic designs. I am constantly creating and adding more designs to my portfolio, if you like one of my designs then you may purchase one for $10 a piece. I look forward to helping you make a statement whether by a sticker, a t-shirt, poster, banner, book, band cover, or wallpaper. Thank You


Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Coverage Area for Dragonesque Graphics is about 20+ miles of Fort Lauderdale, FL.