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Customer satisfaction is upmost in any customer related business. Having established that, I've received hundreds of letters from satisfied customers praising, not only my abilities, skills and knowledge, but my patience in explaining to my customers the information they need in understanding their product(s) and the skill they also need in having a peace of mind to use their product(s) safely. Not only that, I come to my customers with over 28 years experience in the gas industry and have always been able to exceed all my customers dreams. Owner Doug Zettles of Make It Burn, Inc. takes great pride in his thirty-one years of service in the propane/natural gas services industry. His passion for working with fire has given him an extensive knowledge in everything from building custom gas fire pits to gas appliance installation and repair. He’s created a career and a service for his customers that he takes great pride in. His ability to turn gas fireplaces into a beautiful work of art using gas logs, or the ever popular fire on ice has earned him a reputation of being one of the best in his field. It has been said that there isn’t a gas fireplace that Doug cannot fix. While Doug enjoys working on gas fireplaces, building gas fire pits, creating fire effects and much more, he has said what he likes most about his job is the chance to get to know his customers. “I find it rewarding to see a customer’s face light up when they see their finished product.” In talking to his clients on what they’re looking for when they call Make It Burn, Inc. for their propane/natural gas services, they all agree they want someone who’s going to take the time to get to know them, someone who has the patience to discuss every facet of their likes and dislikes, and ultimately, they want someone who’s going to take all of that information and create the look and impression they want but just never knew how to convey to any other gas contractor. “After listening to my customer’s thoughts, in my mind I’ll design the entire project from start to finish. The real challenge is in bringing out what my customer visualized, incorporating that with my vision and bridging their fantasy to my reality in a way that is both complimentary and mesmerizing to my client’s eye.” That type of customer service is something Doug takes great pride in being able to provide to all his customers. Whether it’s with the electronic gas torches that are all able to be turned on with the customer’s iphone or remote, the gas fire tables at a few local restaurants, or simply gas barbecue grills that need to be installed or serviced, the versatility Make It Burn, Inc. is able to provide is a service that surpasses all other propane/natural gas companies. Doug and his team at Make It Burn, Inc. specialize in gas fire effects, gas logs, gas piping, gas fireplaces and both gas tankless water heaters and gas tank water heaters, ranges, spa heaters, gas appliance repair, and cooktops, among many services, as well as cleaning and servicing propane and natural gas equipment. If you are looking for a fire feature that will provide comfort, ambience and a great location to entertain, or simply needing to service your gas appliance, Doug has all your fire and propane/natural gas services covered; get in touch with him today. “You Call, We’ll Make It Burn.”

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

When a customer comes up to me after a job and is in awe of what I've created for them, gives me a tremendous amount of satisfaction. Knowing that I'm able to do, what, in many cases, others have told them can't be done, places me in "the zone."
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17 Reviews
  • Dan M. Jul 18, 2017
    Barbecue and Grill Services
    Verified Review
    Great service top notch
  • Thumbtack Customer Jul 15, 2017
    I used this site Thumbtack to find a qualified gas fire feature professional. I was sent two professionals through Thumbtack and one being Doug Zettles with Make it Burn. I am going to explain my over all experience from the beginning of when we hired Doug Zettles in April 2017 to today July 15, 2017. My wife and I contracted Doug Zettles with Make it Burn to install fire water bowls as we were building our pool. The initial bid was $12,500. Doug called me back and said he got the bowls cheaper so he can take an extra $1,500 off my bid- I guess getting the bowls cheaper meant getting them unfinished. Doug collected $9,550 up front for the materials. When the materials arrived the bowls had pits all over the bottom of them. The bowls were just taken out of a mold and finished on the top. The entire bottom of the bowls had large pits from the air bubbles when they were in the mold. We received them UNFINISHED. We were never told the bowls were unfinished and Doug never told us they were coming unfinished. We did not want an unfinished pitted bowl since the underneath of the bowl would be seen when we were in the pool. We were supposed to be getting beautiful finished water fire bowls. At the time Doug said it was no problem. He bought drywall spackle and used it to fill the pits on the bottom of the bowl. Doug was going to spray paint the bottom of the bowls with spray paint so I told him I was going to get concrete stain (something that is going to last). We went and bought a $45 gallon of concrete stain from Sherwin Williams. That problem was then resolved, finally. Next, I was out of town on business and get a call from Doug. His conversation to me stated that he is not a plumber and asked who was installing the water to the bowls since he does not do plumbing. When Doug and I initially talked Doug said quote "Just get me water and low voltage power to the columns and I have the rest". While I was on the phone with him I became very uneasy. I said to him that he was contracted to do the plumbing that was part of the job (Doug installs gas tankless water heaters, which is almost all plumbing). Doug then says to me on the phone "I am done, I am done" and hung up the phone on me in the middle of our conversation (as he is at my house and I am 600 miles away on business- it was not a good feeling). That night Doug sent me an email. I have attached it to the bottom of this review. Doug then calls and apologizes about what transpired. He then comes back installs the fire water bowls with no problem. I was going to put all of this other non sense aside since it was finally coming to an end. The final day Doug brought two boxes of glass to put in the bowls. As you can see the two bags was not enough. He said he was going to order me another box (or two) and bring it by that Friday. I told him that is fine. The final payment was supposed to be $1,320. I gave him an extra $180 so I rounded it to $1,500 trusting Doug that he would be back to finish the job. When I did not hear back from Doug I called him and he sated that he had the glass and he would be by that week. I said to him at that time that I was going to need regulators to tone down the flame since it is a very large flame. He told me no problem he will get them for me. The last communication was in May. Finally, I need to get the final inspection done on my pool. I can not get the final inspection completed until the gas inspection gets passed. I never heard back from Doug so I went to the county building and told them the issue I was having and they said they would send out and inspector. I had Pasco County Inspector come out on July 6th. The inspection failed! I called Doug at 1:38 July 6th to let him know. He did not pick up again so I left a message telling him that I was not happy that the inspection failed and I needed him to call me to get this fixed. He called me back as I was on the other line and left a message stating he saw I called and he would be out tomorrow (Friday 7th) or Saturday (July 8th) to get the glass and the valves. Today is July 15th and he has not tried to even fix the failed inspection issue. I was not wanting to sit here and take the past 60 minutes putting this together, but I am just beside myself that this does not phase Doug’s conscious. It does not phase him that the job that he was contracted to do was paid in full and not finished. Now the job he was contracted to do failed the final inspection and it does not phase Doug at all. At this point only one fire burns. I contacted Doug requesting paperwork for the AWEIS Electronic Ignition systems (that cost me $3500) so I could contact the manufacture. Doug has yet to respond. **Below is the email Doug sent to me the day he had hung up on me. Everything Doug is explaining in the email was all part of the job he was contracted to do. He was not asked to do anything outside of the scope of work contracted to do agreed upon the initial bid. The welding was part of the job to hold the AWEIS in place and keep out the water (which looks weird with a PVC elbow coming through the side as shown in the image below). That was not something extra I wanted Doug to do. From: doug zettles Date: April 14, 2017 at 10:51:24 PM EDT Subject: Bid Attached Reply-To: doug zettles Even though you saw and approved the bowls in advance, I spent my time and money smoothing them out because you were not satisfied as they were. I also got the welding done. I did both of those things and pulled it from my own profit because I want my customer to be happy. Nowhere on the BID did it say I was smoothing the bowls or Installing the welded pieces. The labor and materials cost me $1000.00 of my own money but I was willing to sacrifice to please you. My labor is my only profit and I have well dipped into that now. That is why I got so frustrated today. My BID does not include any of that labor. I am truly sorry about today but when I get mad I have to walk away so that I don't say things that I will regret later on. Make It Burn Inc Owner: Doug Zettles Ph:(813)562-4008 Like Us On Facebook
  • Allison Z. Apr 29, 2017
    Barbecue and Grill Services
    Verified Review
    Truly Above and Beyond Service
    Doug was great! I didn't have to be home for any part of the process, the estimate was exactly what I paid, and it looks beautiful. He even polished my outdoor fireplace and left a small canister of propane so I could immediately enjoy my "new" grill. Now that is above and beyond service! Thanks, Doug. I hope I never need you again, but my friends will surely be getting your number when they need your services in the future. In our conversation, I learned what an animal lover Doug is, so if you have pets, rest assured, Doug will take the extra time to make sure they are safe during and after the job is complete.
  • Caitlin R. Apr 17, 2017
    Appliance Installation
    Verified Review
    Gas Dryer Install
    Very nice guy, great work.
  • Larry C. Mar 17, 2017
    Appliance Installation
    Verified Review
    Great people, excellent service
    Great people, excellent service. They even polished up my appliances.
  • Scott M. Feb 19, 2017
    Barbecue and Grill Services
    Verified Review
    Completely Satisfied
    Great service. Highly recommend!
  • Carlos H. Feb 14, 2017
    Appliance Installation
    Verified Review
    Great job!
  • Daniel S. Feb 3, 2017
    Fireplace and Chimney Inspection
    Verified Review
    Your fireplace experts
    Doug installed a vented fireplace in our home that looks absolutely amazing. He came out promptly, assessed what equipment and services would be needed, and provided his bid quickly. He also took time to educate us on the difference between vented and non-vented fireplaces. Doug and his team really did a great job. They clearly have a passion for what they do, and it shows in the quality of their work.
  • Scott G. Feb 1, 2017
    Gas Line Installation
    Verified Review
    Quality Service/ Fair Price
    Doug and his team were courteous and professional. They installed a new gas line and also capped off a couple older fixtures. We would definitely hire Make It Burn again.
  • Diane K. Dec 2, 2016
    Fireplace and Chimney Repair
    Verified Review
    Chestnuts are roasting!
    Frank was an exceptional technician - extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. Treated my property with respect -- answered all my questions and left me feeling safe with the working fireplace!
  • Tracy Y. Nov 20, 2016
    Appliance Installation
    Verified Review
    Excellent job. Very knowledgeable.
    Installed jenn aire cooktop
  • Kristen B. Feb 22, 2016
    Appliance Repair or Maintenance
    Verified Review
    These guys were fantastic! We didn't know why our oven wasn't working or what part needed to be replaced. They came equipped with everything they needed and worked quickly. They answered our questions with clear knowledge of their trade and made us feel confident in their service. I would highly recommend them for any gas appliance help or fire pit construction. Very satisfied!
  • Adeel B. Feb 15, 2016
    Barbecue and Grill Services
    Verified Review
    Excellent service. Very fast installation of a gas grill. Taught me many things about the grill as well. I wish I had known of this company earlier and it would have saved me some time and headache, and money! But great work.
  • Kyle S. May 29, 2015
    Fireplace and Chimney Repair
    Verified Review
    Was able to do what the initial contractor was not. Dismantled fire ring that was improperly provided and fit it into the box. Fire is flowing perfectly now.
  • Michael M. Jan 28, 2011
    Doug and his team at "Let it Burn" are very professional, and always willing to answer questions, and help in anyway they can. It's a family business, that feels like family!
  • BobAndAnne K. Jan 26, 2011
    Doug, The rain stayed outside where it belongs, not in our home, thanks to you. There is a saying that I like that says "If you have a talent, that is your gift from God. If you use that talent, that is your gift to God." I thank God for your talent and I thank you for using it to give us a great fireplace and a dry one. Your friends, Bob and Anne
  • Jeremiah G. Jan 16, 2011
    Doug came to me house to fix my fireplace that was turning on with a great explosion of fire. I loved having the fireplace on, but hated turning it on since I never knew if I was going to end up getting burned. Doug was able to pinpoint the problem and fixed it with no problem. After that, he went to my attic and fixed my furnace's pilot that would stay lit. His professionalism and knowledge was so appreciated. He even called me afterwards to make sure the fireplace was still working correctly.


What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?
No complications. We charge $110,00 for a service call, plus any parts and labor. Pricing sheets are available for viewing by any customer.
What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
In my field of work, not only do I do continuing education work, it's also required.
How did you get started doing this type of work?
At the age of 15, I was offered a job painting and repairing gas tanks after school. The man who offered me that job saw potential in me and slowly starting teaching me the trade that has now become my lifestyle and dream. Customer satisfaction is upmost in any customer related business. Having established that, I've received hundreds of letters from satisfied customers praising, not only my abilities, skills and knowledge, but my patience in explaining to my customers the information they need in understanding their product(s) and the skill they also need in having a peace of mind to use their product(s) safely. Not only that, I come to my customers with over 29 years experience in the gas industry and have always been able to exceed all my customers dreams. When a customer comes up to me after a job and is in awe of what I've created for them, gives me a tremendous amount of satisfaction. Knowing that I'm able to do, what, in many cases, others have told them it can't be done, places me in "the zone." Doug Zettles
What types of customers have you worked with?
Hands down, fireplaces, fire effects, fire pits, fire tables and fixing and repairing gas appliances.
Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?
We did six torches, an outdoor fireplace and a gas grill, all hooked up to the customers iphone. Check out my website to view the pictures!
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Ask for credentials: license(s), insurance, whether their bonded, and also references. Also, ask for pictures of their previous work.
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
Make It Burn Inc is a licensed, insured and bonded company in both the states of Florida and Texas. We treat each customer and their property with the utmost respect we would want for ourselves.