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Lawn mower repair services fix and provide general maintenance for all kinds of motorized lawn mowers and yard care equipment powered by gas or electricity. On average, these services cost $35–$90, but as with all types of mechanical repairs, the final cost depends on the complexity of the repair, whether new parts are needed, and so on. Repair prices are generally less for smaller push mowers than for larger riding mowers because replacement parts for larger motors are often more expensive. Companies that handle lawn mower repair may also work on other equipment powered by small motors, such as powerboats, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

Type of mower

The way a mower is powered (gas versus electric) and whether it’s a push or a riding mower may affect the price of repairs. Self-propelled push mowers have slightly different mechanics than the kind that are not self-propelled, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will cost more to repair. If the repair company is familiar with a particular brand of mower it should take less time to make repairs. Companies may also have replacement parts on hand or be able to get them quickly for brands they work on frequently.

Repair location

Some companies offer mobile services, where repair people come to your home to troubleshoot, diagnose and fix a broken down or poorly running mower. Other companies have shop space, where customers can drop off their mower for repair. Dragen Lawn and Garden offers free pickup and delivery on every repair and can also fix other equipment, including snow blowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws and power trimmers. The Lawn Mower Guy, whose repair rates are $50 for the first half hour and then $50 per hour after that, also offers free pickup and delivery as well as free diagnostics.


Small motor repair requires some basic mechanical knowledge and, like automotive repair, may vary by lawn mower or motor manufacturer. Erik Foglia of Anytime Mower Repair is an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-certified mechanic with 20 years of experience in the field. In addition to mowers, the certified mechanics at Dre’s Lawn Mower Repair work on motorized edgers, rototillers, generators, pressure washers and chainsaws.

Fixed service rates

As with automotive repair shops, some lawn mower repair services have standard pricing for common services. For example, The Lawn Mower Guy charges $40 for carburetor cleaning and $50 for carburetor replacement.

Parts and labor

Lawn mower repair prices always include the cost of labor (calculated hourly) to make the fix plus the cost of any replacement parts.


Sometimes your lawn mower needs a tuneup in addition to (or in lieu of) a repair. Tuneups from The Lawn Mower Guy cost $70 for self-propelled push mowers and $140 for riding mowers. These prices include a new air filter and oil change, new spark plugs, hand-filed blade sharpening, carburetor cleaning, resetting the engine’s rotations per minute (RPM), adjusting the self-propel function, lubricating the transmission and wheels, tightening loose hardware, and inspecting the mower for any other problems.


As with auto mechanics, some lawn mower repair services offers a workmanship guarantee, so be sure to ask.

Cost-saving strategies

Some services, such as Scotts Lawn Mower Repair, will meet or beat competing services’ prices, and some offer military and senior discounts. It’s probably worth it to have a small engine repair service take a look at your malfunctioning mower before you assume it’s headed for the junk heap. If the estimate to fix your mower is less than $150, that is less than you’ll likely spend to buy a new one.

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