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As a spiritual life coach, my goal is to help individuals achieve fulfilling lives through gaining a deeper understanding and connection with their authentic selves. This helps realize new insights and paths and better direction that will create a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment. Also addressed are ways to resolve negative issues that block desired outcomes, and ways in which we can recreate our lives. With my background and knowledge of spiritual and energetic principles, I can assist you with moving forward in your life by helping you: - Clarify what you really want to achieve - Form clear and specific goals - Develop strategies and action plans to achieve your goals and resolve problems - Create awareness of unconscious belief patterns that block your goals and happiness - Change negative belief patterns that prevent your success - Connecting to your deeper unconscious truths (communion with soul) - Support your process The task is to identify what keeps you from living your best life, and then help you make the necessary changes in your behavior that will allow a clearer path to your ultimate success. Your world is a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. When you become conscious of your actions and reactions toward the circumstances in your life, you can change them through the power that is within you to do so. I have developed new techniques to help you gain deeper self-understanding, balance, peace, and wholeness by aligning yourself with your own souls essence and wisdom more fully. I will also help you understand and use the universal laws all energy follows to regain control over life's circumstances, and create change through consciously redirecting your thoughts and changing unconscious, negative tendencies of the past. This opens the doors necessary to achieve ultimate happiness and success. I also provide assistance for the ascension process humanity is moving through. This includes: - Information about the changes happening within you and how earth and the universe is reflecting and affecting your progress - Ways of flowing with the changes verses fighting them - Reconnection with your soul and individual wisdom - Becoming a conscious creator - Supporting your progress Skype and phone sessions are also available. I am also a teacher, author of "Re-Entering Eden", and an energetic healer. Check out my website for more information.


Cary, IL 60013
Coverage Area for Greenleaf Healing is about 30+ miles of Cary, IL.