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Aikido Instructors Close to You

Thumbtack helps thousands of people asking, ”How do I connect with the best aikido instructors in my area?” We offer free custom quotes from aikido instructors near you, ready to teach you self defense skills.

Aikido Instructors Close to You

Top Rated Aikido Instructors Around Ashburn, VA

  • 12 years in business
  • 19 hires on Thumbtack
  • Woodbridge, VA


Here is the real question what is your life, health and quality of life worth to you? If you are priceless read on if not stop reading now we are not for you. We offer high end real life self defense training. Our instruction is not one size fits all. Our total focus is on you the client. We create a program for each client. We are a high-quality self defense and martial arts training provider. We provide training in various areas of person defense and security. We have over 40 years of experience and training in our crafts. We teach positive self defense program, karate training program, Jujutsu training program, church security staff, usher and greeter training, women's self defense, children's awareness training, defensive tactics, etc. Zurriane is a high end personal self defense consultant. Zurriane Bennett was a New York City Department of Corrections (NYCDOC) and Northern Virginia Law Enforcement officer he is also a retired the U.S. Marine Corps as an Emergency Services officer with over 30 years of martial arts training and more. He has left this all to pursue his vision of developing a premium personal self-defense organization that would meet the growing demand for high-level self-defense and personal protection instruction services for his clients. This is for people who could find themselves in bad situations where they find that the only person that they can depend on is themselves. He has over 20 years in business and professional leadership. Many of those years managing multiple multi-million dollar contracts. Some ranging from 7 to 42 million dollars in value. He is the author of several books. One is Positive Self Defense for Entrepreneurs - Not What You Think is book focuses on communication, leadership, motivation, business, culture, professionalism, business,networking, staff safety, mindset and entrepreneurship. He is also available for speaking events. Speaking areas: Personal Protection, Business, Networking, Motivation, Leadership, Transportation, Stress, Personal development, Motorcycle Culture/Protocol, Rape/Assault, Staff Safety, and Growth Mindset. We believe that each person is special. So your training program has to fit you. You are without question unique. Let us help you to find the skills and techniques that are best for you. We can work with anyone who has an open mind to learn. No matter your age or experience levels. Training is like having a good insurance policy. You are priceless. Let's be honest which would you refer to work with a person and program that is best for your health and your personal safety or the lowest price or popular brands? We are the best for you hands down. If you are not very serious about learning to defense yourself and or those you love please do not contact us. Just let me share some ways you can make simple adjustments can make a world of difference in your life. Prices depend on the type of program chosen. Positive Self Defense is an easy-to-follow road map for starting and growing your knowledge and ability to protect and defend ones self and others based on several core self defense and awareness strategies. You'll not only learn techniques you'll learn how to develop a strong habits, awareness and plan to stay safe. These are absolutely critical to your success in real life. Zurriane is a published author of 4 books which are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. His books have 5 star rating and great reviews. Published books are: 1. Positive Self Defense for Men 2. Positive Self Defense for Women 3. Positive Self Defense for Motorcycle Riders 4. Positive Self Defense for Entrepreneurs - Not what you think We offer the following programs in various areas: 1. Positive Self Defense for Men 2. Positive Self Defense for Women 3. Positive Self Defense for Men and Women 4. Positive Self Defense for Seniors 5. Positive Self Defense for Faith Based Organizations 6. Positive Self Defense for Motorcycle Riders 7. Positive Self Defense for Business Professionals 8. Positive Self Defense for Active Shooter Incidents Martial arts' training's that are offered Karate and/or Jujutsu Mr. Bennett is also a professional speaker. He is available to speak to businesses and other groups. If you are looking for a great, informative and fun experience he is the person you want to hire. Give us a call, or visit our website. Many of those that start their training with others end and stay with us.

  • Catonsville, MD


Learn Brazilian jiu jitsu, MMA, muay Thai, kung fu, karate, aikido, silat, kickboxing, tai chi, belly dancing, pilates, yoga, zumba, kettlebells and more at the Baltimore Martial Arts Academy in Baltimore, Maryland.

  • 1 hires on Thumbtack
  • Severn, MD


Discipline, Integrity, Focus, Respect, Resolve, Humbleness and Honor Welcome to MKC Karate / Maryland Kyusho Concepts. We are firmly committed to Hands on Training. We specialize in the teachings of Okinawan Karate (Ryukyu Kempo) with a focus on cooperative training that allows a student to build confidence with simple, effective self defense skills that are accessible, even under stressful conditions, regardless of experience. Sound Principles are at the core of everything we do. We refer to these as Universal Truths as they apply to everybody in every situation. Maryland Kyusho Concepts (MKC) stress sound body mechanics, situational awareness, proper mindset and anatomical pressure point targeting (kyusho jitsu). We strongly believe that even gross motor skills can become devastating self defense methods with the proper guidance, training, and attitude. Come experience the lost art of Classical Okinawan Karate! FIRST CLASS ALWAYS FREE! Learn realistic methods to defend oneself structured from simplistic principles that anyone can apply regardless of age, gender or physical ability. Get in shape while improving your self confidence and focus. Learn realistic, practical and effective training methods to sharpen both the mind and body. Experience the thrill of self discovery in a safe, fun & nurturing learning environment. Classes taught by Certified DKI Instructor. MKC Karate / Maryland Kyusho Concepts is proud to offer Corporate Self-Awareness and Situational Defense Strategies Workshops. This program has been developed for the corporate business traveler in mind but is applicable to all. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has offered this program twice since its inception reinforcing common sense self-awareness safety practices during business travel with positive results. Below is a response from a Self-Awareness & Situational Defense Strategies Workshop participant. "Master Bast provided a corporate training for my Agency on self awareness. His honest and engaging teaching style captivated the participants. His message and techniques are very practical, highly effective, and memorable!!! -Senior Manager US DOT Please pass the word if you know of anyone interested in learning more about this program. So whether you are looking for a Classical Okinawan Karate Class, Tai Chi / Qigong Class, Safety Awareness Workshop, Aikido Atemi Workshop or Pressure Point related Workshops or Seminars, Maryland Kyusho Concepts (MKC) has a program to fit your needs. Please enjoy browsing our website and make sure to check out the 2015 Programs Page for the latest up to date offerings. Best in Training, Patrick Bast / Head Instructor

  • 48 years in business
  • 1 hires on Thumbtack
  • Rockville, MD


I teach self-protection(Goju-Ryu Taijutsu) skills using empty hand, weapons (blades, sticks, pens, etc.) and/or objects on your person or found at the time of the attack. I teach both children from the age of 6 to 16 and adults 17 and up.I currently train with Shiro Shintaku, Soshu of Tenshin Ichi Ryu (family system) and we blend Goju-Ryu, Shito-Ryu, Aikibudo, Silat/Karambit, FMA (kali blade), Filipino boxing movements, etc. to give a fighting system that can enter, evade, receive and engage (Kenpo Taijutsu=body movement for the three (3) E's= Entry, Evade, Engage ) against a weapon attacker(s). We use 8 movements of Tai Sabaki, Irimi and Tenkan along with 8+ movements and flow from Aikido( Ikkyo, Nikyo, Sankyo, Yonkyo, Shihonage, Kotegaeshi, Iriminage, Kaiten-nage); Atemi-waza = striking at the entry/evade/engage to take the "BVB" (breathing, vision, balance) and then looking for breaking, throwing, joint locks, throat strangle, vital points, pins and traps; also a daily training with the Karambit blade, Hanbo, Tanbo, Tanjo, Jo (Shindo Muso Ryu Jojutsu) and Yawara. Training began 1969-present; a total of 46 years in the martial arts.

Alpha Combatives

New To Thumbtack

  • 5 years in business
  • Arlington, VA


Alpha Combatives is a no-ordinary martial arts school. We bring the training to you. Instead of a traditional training-hall approach, we provide a dynamic learning experience for adults. Classes are designed and customized for the individual, not a classroom full of strangers, ensuring each student can maximize their potential. We offer three traditional styles, as well as a variety of conceptual arts. Training under Alpha means you get the whole package: the diversity of knowledge, teaching skill, and 25 years of martial arts experience. No matter what your background, body type, or experience level is, our Alpha instructors will customize the program to get you to your goals. Traditional styles offered are as follows: * Judo, Shotokan Karate and Tae Kwon Do Conceptual styles offered are as follows: * Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Aikido, Jeet Kune Do (JKD, our most popular class), Escrima, Knife Fighting, Mixed Martial Arts, Iaido, and Women's Self-Defense

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