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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Animal and Rodent Removal
  1. 1. Identify the animals or rodents that require removal. Trappers are often used to remove larger animals like raccoons, while a pest control service can remove smaller rodents.

  2. 2. Decide on the tactics you will allow for animal or rodent removal. Traps and poisons are common components used in pest removal although no-kill options are also available.

  3. 3. Contact several animal or rodent removal services and request written estimates for your location. Be sure to explain the issue in detail in order to obtain the correct service.

  4. 4. Make sure that the service guarantees results. Animals and rodents make nests and have babies in or near the home, making them difficult to remove permanently.

  5. 5. Because accessing attics or basement crawl spaces might be dangerous, it is important to ensure that the company’s employees are properly equipped with gear likes gloves and face masks.

  6. 6. Determine whether the animal or rodent removal company seals holes gnawed in walls or floors. This type of damage can be expensive and seals should be included in any small rodent removal service.

  7. 7. Decide on a maintenance program if required. When certain animals are blocked from entering a location, they may return at a later date. A maintenance program helps to keep pests away permanently.

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Pro Tip

Pro Tip

If the removal service is guaranteed, get this guarantee in writing.

Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Do not sign a longterm contract before the animals are removed.

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