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How much does rodent removal cost?

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The average cost for a rodent and animal removal specialist is $160. You are likely to spend between $85 and $300 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated September 1st, 2017

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Rodent removal services come to your home, apartment or office to inspect for the presence of rodents inside the structure. These pros help determine where the rodents are entering and exiting to help get rid of them with traps or poison or by blocking their entry. These companies can also remove dead animals after they have been trapped or poisoned and seal up the entry and exit points to keep them from returning. The nationwide average cost for rodent removal is $95–$235. The animals these services typically deal with include rats and mice, which are more commonly a problem indoors, and gophers, which live mostly outdoors and infest lawns and gardens.


Some rodent removal services, such as PROGUARD Pest Control, provide free inspections, which they use to assess the extent of a pest problem and create a custom estimate for solving it. Active Animal Trapping owner Kevin Becker charges $100–$120 for the inspection, during which he thoroughly inspects the building’s exterior to determine where rodents are getting in. He often can start the work of fixing the problem the same day, laying traps and sealing exit and entry points.

Trapping and removal

Rodent removal services generally set traps in areas that the rodents frequent. If requested, the professionals return to remove the animals once the traps have done their job. Removal may be included in the total job estimate the service provides initially, or it may cost extra. Active Animal Trapping’s Becker charges $50 extra to return to a site and remove dead animals and used traps. The company’s hourly rate is $35–$50, but Becker’s philosophy is to make every trip to a customer site worthwhile by getting as much done as possible. He also can set live traps for raccoons or possums and remove the trapped live animals.

Sealing entry and exit points

Rodent removal services usually include the sealing of entry and exit points in the total project estimate because it’s the primary way to ensure that rodents won’t return. Active Animal Trapping’s $50 rodent removal service calls sometimes include sealing entry points that were not sealed on the first visit. If extensive work to seal entry points is necessary, the overall cost will be higher to cover the extra time required and materials expenses.


Most rodent removal services clean up animal droppings and other rodent-related messes when they come to remove dead animals and traps, but it’s a good idea to ask.

Gopher removal

Gophers cause problems by digging tunnels and burrows underground—often under lawns and other landscaping where regular irrigation creates conditions conducive to their survival. Active Animal Trapping charges $120 for an initial gopher inspection and trap setup and $60 for subsequent gopher service calls to remove dead animals or move traps to catch more.

Cost-saving strategies

If you think you know where the rodents are, be sure to make the area easily accessible for the removal service. Outdoor debris or items stored indoors should be moved out of the way. As noted, Becker of Active Animal Trapping often sets traps and seals entry and exit points the same day he does the inspection.

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