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How much does junk removal cost?

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The average cost for a junk removal specialist is $95. You are likely to spend between $55 and $170 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated September 1st, 2017

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Junk removal specialists dispose of furniture, appliances, electronics, scrap metal, construction debris, yard waste, miscellaneous trash and even hazardous waste. Junk can be hauled away from homes, multiunit properties, offices, undeveloped property, commercial sites, construction sites and almost anywhere else. Many companies charge per cubic yard and the price generally varies depending on what is being removed.

Type of junk

The cost of hauling junk away typically depends on the physical effort required of the removal specialist, the fees they have to pay when dumping and other factors. In general, the lighter the item to be disposed of, the lower the cost per cubic yard. Here’s an example of J.N.J Homeworks’ pricing scale for hauling away junk using a dump trailer:

  • Yard and tree waste: $18 per cubic yard

  • Home goods, trash and debris: $22 per cubic yard

  • Concrete, rock and other heavy material: $95 per cubic yard

Type of truck

Companies may offer different truck options for junk removal and a per load pricing structure that coincides with the type of truck. Compared with its dump trailer pricing scale, J.N.J Homeworks charges higher rates per cubic yard for an enclosed trailer because it requires more work to load and unload than the open-air dump trailer. The benefit of the enclosed trailer is its increased capacity (42 cubic yards) over the dump trailer (10 cubic yards), thus requiring fewer loads and costing less overall when removing large amounts of waste.

  • Yard and tree waste: $24 per cubic yard

  • Home goods,trash and debris: $26 per cubic yard

  • Concrete, rock and other heavy material: enclosed trailer not available for heavy waste

Another company, McNeely’s Demolition and Clean-up Service, charges $260–$275 for a standard 16-foot trailer loaded full of debris.

Latex paint

The average cost to dispose of latex paint ranges from $10 to $15 per gallon. Some waste removal companies charge an additional fee if the paint is not dried prior to pickup.

Set rates

Many junk removal companies offer fixed rates for standard goods such as electronics and furniture. These rates can include the hauler’s cost of transport as well as disposal fees. J.N.J Homeworks charges the following set rates:

  • Mattresses: $25

  • Box springs: $5

  • Refrigerator: $30

  • Oven: $25

Minimum load

Many companies have a minimum load requirement, with costs averaging between $50 and $100. This price helps cover the overhead costs of truck maintenance, gas, wages and so on.


Stairs and other obstacles add physical labor, requiring more time and effort, and thus are likely to increase the total cost of junk removal.

Hazardous waste

If you need hazardous waste removal be sure to mention this upfront because not all junk removers will handle this type of waste.

Additional services

Razing a building or shed, clearing large brush and other demolition services are often available at an additional charge. McNeely’s Demolition and Clean-up Service offers bobcat work at $70 per hour with an initial fee of $130. Other services might include heavy lifting or moving of large items, one-time yard clean up or more general general cleaning services.

Cost-saving strategies

Save on overall costs by having the junk you want removed organized and in one place. When the workers have to move things from different locations and organize it, it can take more time and effort.

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