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7 Fixes for an Apple Computer Pro
  1. 1. Running slowly

    If your Mac is lagging while opening applications or seems as though it is having trouble moving quickly, a pro can determine the cause and remedy the problem.

  2. 2. Not connecting to Wi-Fi

    Connecting to Wi-Fi is a critical function for your Mac device. Whether it is losing its connection or simply not picking it up at all, this is a fix to leave to a professional.

  3. 3. Charging slowly

    This is a difficult fix, and one that can require completely resetting your computer's System Management Controller. Leave it to a pro so you can maintain your data and settings.

  4. 4. Freezing frequently

    You may notice your Apple computer or device freezing more often or quitting apps while they are in use. Consult a pro about remedying this malfunction.

  5. 5. Not shutting down

    This is okay every once in a while, but if it starts happening multiple times a week, it is worth a call to a professional Apple repair person. Many issues can be the cause here.

  6. 6. Not starting

    If your Mac does not start at all, problems can range from blown electrical fuses to processor issues. Leave the diagnostics to someone who has the experience to fix these issues.

  7. 7. Not reading USB drives

    USB drives can fail to show in your Finder or simply become inaccessible, which requires reformatting. Allow a pro to perform this task seamlessly.

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