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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
How to Work with a Bankruptcy Attorney
  1. 1. Bring your most recent bank statements to your initial meeting with the bankruptcy attorney. Include non-traditional statements, such as PayPal statements.

  2. 2. The attorney needs to see your records for big ticket items, including your vehicle and your mortgage. Collect all of your payment books, statements, or printouts of online records.

  3. 3. Show your bankruptcy attorney all of the bills from your creditors, including the small ones. Even the small bills can be discharged during a bankruptcy, so don't leave anything out.

  4. 4. Your attorney needs to see your tax returns. Collect your returns from the previous two years. In addition, if you have any tax transcripts, bring them with you, and be prepared to explain any unfiled returns.

  5. 5. Collect all of your bills, invoices, and receipts from the previous year. This includes all of the items that you have paid for in full, as well as items that are still owned by creditors.

  6. 6. If you've had any previous judgments entered against you, your bankruptcy attorney needs to see those too.

  7. 7. Child support cannot be discharged during bankruptcy. If you have to pay child support, bring the order with you when consulting with your attorney.

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