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5 Carpet Repair Fixes for a Pro
  1. 1. Burns

    You may be able to reposition furniture to cover the mark, but it may be necessary to patch the damage. Patching involves cutting around the area, and then filling it with a small plug of matching carpet.

  2. 2. General wear

    Heavy traffic in certain areas in the home makes carpets threadbare and stained. To minimize the impact of heavy travel, use some area rugs or encourage people to travel through other areas.

  3. 3. Soiling

    Dark or gray lines along walls and under doors are signs of filtration soil, caused by airflow through carpet. This is difficult to clean, and in most cases it’s best to employ a carpet cleaner.

  4. 4. Stains

    Most modern carpets have a stain-resistant treatment, but a glass of red wine or some dirty dog paws are going to leave a mark. If you leave stains for too long, call on the services of a professional.

  5. 5. Wrinkles and buckling

    Incorrect fitting or an excessively humid environment may cause waves and wrinkles in carpet. Resolving this involves a power stretcher to tighten the surface and straighten the wrinkles.

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