How much will your carpet installation cost?

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How much does a carpet installation cost?

Carpet installation costs $550-$913, on average, or $2-$13 per square foot. However, several factors will influence how much you'll pay to install carpets in your home.

Cost to install carpet:

National average cost $500
Average cost range $550-$913
High-end cost $3,000-$4,500
Low-end cost $175-$250

In order to get a better idea of carpet replacement costs, let's look at the various factors that move the needle. And, keep reading to find out how you can find and hire a pro to install new carpet in your home.

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Carpet cost per square foot

Carpet replacement costs around $2-$13 per square foot, depending on the carpet's grade and specific material material. For example, 100% wool (luxury grade) can cost a little more than $13 per square foot to install. Meanwhile, economy grade carpeting costs slightly under $2 per square foot.

Below are examples of national average carpet installation costs per square foot for projects completed on Thumbtack.

Carpet installation prices:

1,501-2,000 square feet $5,051
1,001-1,500 square feet $3,608
501-1,000 square feet $2,165
0-500 square feet $1,443

Carpet prices start at about a $1 a square foot on average nationwide, and typically comes on a roll that is 12', 13' 6" or 15' wide. Carpet tiles are sold as squares with an adhesive backing. Popular tile sizes are 18" x 18", 24" x 24" and 19.7" (50cm) by 19.7"10. 


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Carpet installation price factors

Consider these factors when estimating how much it will cost to install carpets in your home:

Carpet costs

Carpet replacement costs are most heavily affected by the cost of materials and carpet fibers. Generally, approximately 90% of the carpet made today uses synthetic fiber. Natural fabrics, meaning wool, tend to be the most expensive. All the materials have pros and cons, and each will add to more to carpet installation costs.

Carpet costs, by material:

Wool $3.00
Nylon $1.25
Triexta $3.00
Polyester $1.00
Olefin / Polypropylene $1.08

Wool – most expensive

Wool looks and feels great and is extremely durable. It's also prone to fading, shedding and moisture absorption. Wool starts at about $3 a square foot and considered to be the gold standard.

Nylon – less expensive

Nylon is man-made, very durable, looks good and feels good. It is stain resistant and is easy to clean. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is cheaper than wool flooring. Prices for nylon start at about $1.25 a square foot for new carpet.

Triexta – less expensive

Triexta is a brand name for a carpet made by Dupont and is also called Sorona. Mohawk refers to it as SmartStrand. Triexta is similar to polypropylene in the way it's manufactured but it feels more like nylon. It's also very durable and stain resistant. Prices for triexta fall in between nylon and olefin: on average $3 per square foot.

Polyester – less expensive

Polyester is similar to nylon in pricing, starting at roughly over $1 per square foot. It's also a synthetic and very durable. It is resistant to mold, mildew, fading and works better in low-traffic areas.

Olefin / Polypropylene – least expensive

Olefin is sometimes referred to as polypropylene. It's also a durable synthetic fiber and is priced as low as $1.08 a square foot.

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Carpet construction and style

Carpet is made from a backing and a natural or synthetic fiber that's woven or tufted into the backing.

Cut pile is one of the most popular carpet styles. The fiber is sheared at the top, which exposes the ends and creates a soft feeling. The twist of the fibers in cut pile refers to how many times the carpet fiber is twisted or turned per inch. This measurement is called “turns per inch," or TPI. A higher TPI can be used as a measure of quality as twisting makes the carpet more durable. The twists can be measured by eye using a ruler.

Carpet density refers to how close the tufts are to each other. Higher density indicates higher quality. Pushing down on the carpet with your finger to feel the backing is a quick and easy way to check density.

Saxony is a cut pile type of carpet with a medium length fiber. Saxony is available in a plush velvety style known as straight or a more textured look called trackless.

Frieze is a cut pile carpet with long fibers and a tight twist – a kind of modern version of shag carpet that is resistant to footprints.

Berber generally refers to as a cut and loop pile carpet where the ends of the carper fiber are woven into the backing. Some Berbers are cut pile as the word also can refer to the color of the carpet.

Cut and loop is a type of hybrid carpet where some of the fiber is cut and some is looped into the backing to create a pattern. The loops can be all at the same level or on multi-levels to create a more sculptural look for your flooring.

Carpet prices: padding and installation

Whatever kind of flooring you're considering — whether it's new carpet, tile, engineered wood or hardwood flooring — keep in mind that it will all lay on top of the sub floor.

The quality of the sub floor should be inspected by the pro prior to installation. A professional installer can usually make minor repairs to sub floors if needed for about $50-$75 per hour plus the cost of materials. Any major repairs may add to installation time.

Carpet padding goes on top of the sub-floor with costs starting at $1 per square foot of padding, depending on thickness. Typically, 1/2" thickness is recommended for padding under carpet with textures or loops, such as cut pile carpeting. Low pile carpet requires less thick padding.

After padding installation, carpet is cut custom for the room and if necessary seemed. It's held in place by tack strips, thin pieces of wood that are nailed to the sub floor. The strips have tacks pointing up which keep the carpet from moving.

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Trim for new carpeting

If your installation involves new wall-to-wall carpeting, you may also need to replace baseboards and metal trim strips for doorways and other transitions. Figure roughly $200-300 for new carpet trim, depending on the size of the job and labor costs for the installation.

Carpet installation prices for stairs

An installer may charge anywhere between $3-$10 a stair to carpet a staircase, which includes carpeting for the step and the riser. Box stairs, with walls on each side, or stairs with spindles that an installer must work around, cost about $15-$25 per stair.

Furniture moving costs

Carpet installers may or may not help you move furniture into and out of a room to clear flooring space during the project. It's a good idea to ask first as some will charge extra. Consider installing carpet in a new home before you move in to reduce associated furniture moving costs.

How to hire a carpet installation pro

Finding and hiring someone to install new carpet (or replace old carpet), requires a bit of research, including: 

  • Figure out what type of carpet you want. Do you want nylon or polyester? Wool or triexta? All of this information will be important for the pros to know when coming up with cost estimates.
  • Decide which rooms you want the carpet installed. And measure the size of the rooms so you and the pro will know how much carpet you'll need.
  • Search online for pros nearby. Look up pros' profiles so you can quickly see their specialities, customer ratings, customer reviews and past project photos. 
  • Get estimates from several pros. Aim to contact at least three or five carpet installation pros and get free estimates. This way, you'll know exactly how much carpet installation services will cost you.
  • Look up the pros' credentials. Make sure that any contractor or company you hire has the proper license and insurance in your city and state.

For more tips on how to safely hire a pro on Thumbtack, visit our Smart Hiring guide.

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