How much does carpet repair cost?

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The average cost for a flooring professional is $135. You are likely to spend between $85 and $220 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated May 1st, 2017

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Carpet repair services help with carpets that have gotten worn, stained, ripped, burned or faded. These professionals can spot-dye an area, replace a whole patch, restretch carpets and more. With the right instructions and enough elbow grease, carpet owners can certainly take care of these tasks themselves, but hiring a pro saves time and effort and can result in a nicer looking carpet in the end.

Carpet material

Repair costs vary depending on the carpet material. Nylon and olefin are typically the most expensive to repair, while berber and plush fibers tend to be the cheapest.

Stains and patches

Tougher stains cost more for removal. Red wine is generally regarded as the toughest stain to remove. Most repair companies can patch a ripped or worn section of carpet, and very small areas can be "plugged." The cost for patching or plugging depends on the carpet material. Patching can be expensive, and in some cases, it might be a better route to just get new carpeting.

Flood repair

Many companies can dry and reinstall carpet that has been damaged by flooding. Costs depend on the extent of the fooding.

Padding replacement

Many pros can replace a carpet’s padding, but it is an expensive job because the carpet must be removed and then reinstalled.

Additional services

Carpet professionals can take care of a range of additional services when making repairs. Replacing seams on the edges of a carpet when they start to come up is an inexpensive repair. If a carpet is loose or baggy or has ripples, a pro can come out and "restretch" it. Repair companies can also smooth out dents and divots in areas where furniture has resided for a long time. Many carpet repair services also offer carpet cleaning for an additional fee. Carpet cleaning helps extend the life of a carpet.

Full replacement

Replacing carpets is the most expensive option, but if a carpet has too many problems, it can cost almost as much to repair it.

Furniture moving

Some carpet repair services charge extra to move furniture or offer a discount if customers do it themselves.

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