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Planning ahead

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7 Reasons to Hire a Closet Pro
  1. 1. Helps you make room

    An organizer declutters your closet by getting rid of the items that you have not worn or used in over a year.

  2. 2. Gets the right supplies

    Your organizer can buy the organizational tools and units that you need to store everything properly. He or she will also make sure you have enough hangers and storage tubs.

  3. 3. Keeps shoes corralled

    An experienced organizer knows it's important to put your shoes on shelves, in a hanging organizer, or in boxes for neat storage.

  4. 4. Formulates other solutions

    If you have a small closet, your organizer can remove clothing and items from the closet that are not in season and stores them elsewhere.

  5. 5. Creates a system

    A good closet organizer color codes the clothes in your closet so that you can find everything easier.

  6. 6. Remembers the details

    Your pro can handle the small things, like hanging your scarves on tie racks. This keeps them within view and they will not tangle or become wrinkled.

  7. 7. Helps manage messes

    Ask your organizer to place stackable laundry baskets inside the closet so you can sort dirty clothes by their colors and get them up off of the floor immediately after wearing them.

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