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What to Discuss with a Divorce Attorney
  1. 1. If you have children, physical and legal custody and child support should be the number one issue. This may also include grandparent visitation, health insurance coverage and college savings.

  2. 2. What you will do with your marital home is also a decision that must be made. Equity in the home, home furnishings and plans for where to raise the children can play a part in this discussion.

  3. 3. Generally, there is other property to consider. You will need to discuss the division of motor vehicles, vacation property, businesses and other physical assets. Also, savings accounts, stocks and debts.

  4. 4. Spousal support discussions may arise. These include questions about which person is entitled to the support, how much is paid, and whether or not there will be health insurance coverage.

  5. 5. If domestic or child abuse played a role in the marriage or divorce, you may talk about protection arrangements.

  6. 6. If neither party has filed for divorce, your attorney will help guide you with the decision and process of filing or waiting for your spouse to do so.

  7. 7. Your divorce attorney will guide you through any local or state rules that apply to your situation.

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