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Planning ahead

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6 Reasons to Hire a Drywall Pro
  1. 1. Repair small holes

    Holes in your drywall caused by nails from hanging pictures or dings from furniture can be unsightly. If you are a renter, the cost of repair might also be deducted from your deposit.

  2. 2. Repair large holes

    Large holes are difficult to fill properly to be flush with the wall. A professional has the right tools, materials, and experience to patch large holes caused by door knobs or other mishaps.

  3. 3. Remove scuff marks

    Scuff marks are caused by furniture grazing against the wall, especially in older drywall. A professional expertly smoothes out these hard to fill anomalies.

  4. 4. Replace drywall

    A pro knows the right type of drywall for a job. Greenboard drywall, for instance, replaces drywall in a bathroom. Fire-resistant drywall comes in three different levels and a pro knows which to use.

  5. 5. Drywall texturing for concealing

    A professional drywall contractor can expertly conceal ceiling repairs, imperfectly matched joints, and sagging ceilings with various texturing techniques.

  6. 6. Drywall texturing for cosmetic effect

    Decorative drywall touches are applied by hand or mechanically. A skilled drywaller is an expert at creating effects like swirl, skip trowel, crows-foot stomp, Santa-Fe and other textures.

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