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Drywall, a gypsum plaster panel for finishing walls and ceilings, is used to cover nail holes and dents, repair water or mold damage, patch larger holes and fix stress cracks. Drywall repair can be done on interior walls and ceilings. Drywall professionals can fix cosmetic issues in one room or throughout an entire house and can also apply finish texture. Many can also rehang fixtures and decor, help with painting, and install wallpaper when negotiated. Drywall repair can take place in vacant spaces or in homes that are still occupied. Several factors affect the cost of drywall repair services.

Size and type of job

The size and type of drywall repair to be done directly affect the cost—based on the amount of labor and materials needed to do the work. Ceiling work is more expensive than wall work. Here are some pricing examples based on size and type of job:

  • Rey Painting and Drywall, in Dallas, Texas, repair a five-foot crack in a wall: $125 (labor $75 and $50 materials)

  • 2 Man Crew, in Fremont, California, repair a three-foot ceiling crack: $150

  • 2 Man Crew, sand and texture five wall patches: $200 (45 minutes of labor and $40 of materials)

  • Rey Painting and Drywall, repair a 4x8 section of wall: $225 (labor $150 and $75 materials)

  • 2 Man Crew, replace drywall in an entire bedroom: $1,500 (price varies depending on the number of windows, whether there’s metal trim, etc.)


The materials needed to complete a drywall repair affect the cost of services. According to 2 Man Crew, the average price of one sheet of drywall is $15–$20. Ceilings require double thickness on the drywall, which means twice as many sheets for ceiling repairs. Adequate plastic is also necessary to protect furniture when spraying texture, and on average, that costs about $40. Other common materials needed include tape, mud, backing, shims and other tools. Here are examples of total costs for materials on a small job:

  • 2 Man Crew: $40–$60, including drywall, plastic, tape and other materials

  • Rey Painting and Drywall: $75, including drywall, tape, plastic, screws, joint compound, etc.


Drywall repair pros consider how long a job will take when making an estimate. The more intricate the work and extensive the project, the higher the cost. Much of the time involved in drywall repair is spent prepping the site. If residents live in the home, everything (furniture, etc.) needs to be covered before walls and ceiling can be sprayed with a hopper gun to texturize.

Repair size

The larger the area to be repaired, the higher the overall cost. A larger area means more materials and more labor.

Minimum service call

Some drywall repair pros have a minimum fee for services, while others may charge solely by the hour. Minimum service fees are often more prevalent in cities or other areas where arriving at a location involves crossing bridges, paying tolls and finding metered street parking—all of which take time and financial resources. For example, 2 Man Crew charges a minimum service fee of $150. In the San Francisco Bay Area, where the company is located, traffic, city navigation and parking are challenging.

Company versus individual

A drywall-specific company may charge higher rates than a handyman or individual contractor because the company has more business overhead to maintain.

Pro tips:

  • Submit photos to get the most accurate quotes. 2 Man Crew has over- or underbid on jobs because the homeowners didn’t quite know how to explain the drywall damage.

  • Pre-purchase the right shade of paint if you want the drywaller to paint over repaired patches. Don’t pay for the extra time it will take the drywaller to search for the paint. Just have it ready to go.
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