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6 Sink and Faucet Fixes for a Pro
  1. 1. Squeaky business

    If your faucet screeches every time you open it, the problem has to do with its rubber gaskets. A professional can handle the job without damaging your faucet.

  2. 2. Tough turning

    This is when your sink’s handles become almost impossible to open and close. This is more common with knob-type handles. Have an expert remove the handles and apply lubricant.

  3. 3. Stuck sprayer

    If your kitchen sink sprayer isn’t working properly, the problem usually is in a small piece called a diverter. It’s best to call a professional to install your new diverter.

  4. 4. Too pretty to handle

    Don't ever try to repair a stainless-steel faucet without tool connections. If there’s no place to grab hold of it, using pliers can scratch the fixture or its threads.

  5. 5. Plugged drain

    A professional can recommend treatments, from bacteria-based drain remover to using a drain snake.

  6. 6. Leaky sink

    A plumbing service can determine exactly where the problem is. They also have the tools necessary to tighten hoses, replace valves and gaskets, and install new pipes.

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