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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Chimney Installation
  1. 1. Get inspected

    Request home inspections and estimates from those two or three contractors. Get an idea of how much you need to budget for the fireplace and chimney installation.

  2. 2. Verify the legal aspects

    Check references. Ensure that the contractor has been in business for a reasonable amount of time and is licensed, if required by law.

  3. 3. Ask about installation specials

    Inquire about seasonal pricing. Many companies charge a higher price in the winter months. Check recent advertising and mailers to ensure you have not missed a deal.

  4. 4. Find someone you like

    Choose a fireplace and chimney installation contractor who suits your needs and meets your budget. Ask for a detailed written estimate of the cost of installation.

  5. 5. Be sure about backup

    Get a warranty for gas fireplaces, insert fireplaces and any other product that is installed during the process. Keep these warranties with your written estimate.

  6. 6. Help supervise

    Monitor the fireplace installation or chimney installation process carefully. Note that some projects become more expensive if there are structural issues in the home.

  7. 7. Wait to pay

    Do not sign off on any work until the fireplace and chimney have been tested with an actual fire. Ensure that any working parts of a gas fireplace or chimney flue function properly.

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